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24 Resources for Learning WordPress from Top to Bottom

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Blogs for Learning WordPress

The Internet is full of WordPress-related blogs, and many of them deserve a mention here. However, we have tried to focus on the most interesting ones only. We have tried to make an objective selection, but we couldn’t eliminate our personal preferences.

Here’s a mix of well known and lesser-known blogs that continuously offer compelling content.

6. Code TutsPlus

code tutorials website

Code TutsPlus is part of Envato TutsPlus, which is one of the most famous blogs for designers and developers. Here you will find tons of articles and tutorials for various coding languages. WordPress is an important topic, and you should visit the site periodically.

The posts are targeted at experts and cover the featured topics thoroughly. Additionally, you can check out Code TutPlus’s books and online courses. All of them are full of actionable tips, and you can sharpen your skills to reach the “WordPress Master” level.

7. Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine website

Smashing Magazine doesn’t need an introduction. It’s a valuable resource for designers, coders, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It also has a special section for WordPress users.

Smashing Magazine contributors are leading professionals, and their insights are genuinely useful. They don’t share too many practical tips, but they do reveal how WordPress will evolve and show original solutions to different issues.

This blog is for medium to advanced users; a beginner will lag behind.

8. WP Beginner

wp beginners website

WP Beginner has quite a suggestive name. This blog must be on the agenda of any WordPress newbie.

WP Beginner’s archive is full of posts showing tricks and tips to become a WordPress expert. The articles are for beginners, but even experienced users need a short recap from time to time.

The WP Beginner content team publishes beginners’ guides for topics like security, maintenance, and how to choose proper themes and plugins. These insightful articles are golden for WordPress beginners.

9. SitePoint

sitepoint website

SitePoint is in the same league as Smashing Magazine. It’s one of the oldest blogs, and it comes through only due to quality content.

SitePoint publishes many WordPress articles, but there are also many others on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. It’s a good place to start when wanting to learn theme and plugin development. In addition, you can check out their courses and books; some of them are aimed at WordPress users.

10. WP Kube

wp kube website

WP Kube is a good blog to keep you updated on the latest WordPress community rumors, product releases, and services. The authors publish useful theme and plugin reviews, guides to show you how to resolve WordPress-related issues, objective reviews, and different tricks to improve your skills.

11. ManageWP

managewp website

The ManageWP blog impresses me with its variety of topics—you can find everything from security to business. Of course, everything is about WordPress. Their articles are usually short, easy to digest, and jam-packed with useful information.

A distinctive note about this blog is that the articles about business consist of interviews with WordPress entrepreneurs, successful startup stories, and tips to scale your business. These will help you get a strategic overview of WordPress and how to make money from it.

12. WP Lift

wp lift

It’s not criteria for your WordPress training, but WP Lift’s design is simply outstanding. It attracts people and makes them spend more time on site. The quality of content is another factor that convinced me to add this blog to this honouring showcase. It offers a mix of easily digestible bits of information needed to stay up-to-date and improve your skills.

13. WP Tavern

wp tavern

WP Tavern is different from the rest of the blogs. It has articles about the WordPress community such as information about WordCamps, speakers, rumours, and major movements in the business.

WP Weekly Episodes is a podcast where WordPress professionals debate hot and interesting topics. It’s informative and funny at the same time. I listened to a few episodes and got some interesting insights and found out about more exotic projects like Big Dummy—a tool to emulate content-rich blogs.

Subscribe to the podcast and listen to it when you are online, out for a walk, or doing your daily chores. You’ll kill two birds with one stone!

14. Elegant Themes

elegant themes

Elegant Themes is a talented team of WordPress developers that share their ideas on the blog.

In the last few months, there have been too many articles about Divi, their flagship theme. Most likely, their customers asked for these articles, but some readers might consider them too pushy. Either way, you won’t waste your time by visiting this blog.

15. Code in WP

code in wp website

CodeinWP’s articles are written by experts and on average, they publish six to seven insightful articles per month; CodeinWP’s articles focus more on quality than quantity. For instance, check out the CodeinWP Guide; Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared. It offers all you need to know to select the best host for your site.

Check out their Transparency reports; monthly posts that show how the team behind CodeinWP deals with clients and manages income and expenses.

16. WP Explorer

wp explorer website

If I need an honest and practical opinion about a plugin, I go to WP Explorer. Here you will find many reviews and lists of plugins for various purposes. Additionally, WP Explorer’s writers publish theme collections and guides that are useful for less-trained users.

17. WP Newsify

wp newsify website

WP Newsify is a blog for people who don’t have the time or patience for long posts. The authors synthesize difficult topics and make them comprehensible for everyone. WP Newsify’s authors handpick cool WordPress themes and review them. Check out these reviews if you are interested in purchasing a theme for your project.

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