Author - Madan Pariyar

How To Reduce TTFB to Speed up your WordPress Website

When you are trying to make visitors stay who have attention spans less than that of a squirrel, time is of essence. No one likes to wait and watch as your slow webpages unfold tediously in front of your visitors. Sites that load in less than 5 seconds see 70% longer average sessions. This does …Continue reading

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Crucial Elements that affect your Website’s Credibility

People are more cynical today of the web than they have ever been. And really, can anyone blame them after Google’s little slip-up or misuse of their Facebook profiles and data? Nope. It’s a dark age for information on the internet. And yet, 93% of all online experiences begin with search. 35% of all e-commerce …Continue reading

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How To Automate Your WordPress Website and Workflow

WordPress is a highly beloved Content Management System, given its ease of configuration and amazing add-ons. Powering almost 30 percent of all websites online, WordPress is an answer to people who don’t like getting into the nitty-gritty detailing of software techniques. To further complement these powerful features, WordPress offers automated upkeep and maintenance so you …Continue reading

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Top Inbound Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Often businesses have started different forms of online marketing without much clue of what they’re doing. After months of investing time, efforts, and resources, they don’t see significant improvement and form a permanent mental block against online marketing. Customers get constantly bombarded with sales messages and over time, have learned to tune these messages out. …Continue reading