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Understanding the Motivators, Tactics and Impacts of Hackers

If you’re currently infected, or you’ve previously experienced an infection, or you’re just curious about the nefarious things hackers can do I’m going to be highlighting some of the motivators behind why hackers hack, which should help you understand why they do it. I’ll also give you an idea of how it can affect you …Continue reading

Choosing the best wordpress theme

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website (Infographic)

Before you go searching for the best looking WordPress theme, to start building your new website or blog, take a few minutes to consider how a theme can impact things like your brand, user experience and search engine ranking. Too many times have I seen someone purchase an all singing and dancing WordPress theme, to …Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Convert Your Blog to

If you want to start a blog then I recommend that you begin with as it’s free and easy to get setup, however if you’re serious about blogging, and if you might want to connect your blog to a website then I suggest that you go with If you already have the former …Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About WordPress

WordPress has been around since 2003 and has grown to be the largest content management system online. It’s used to power more than 24% of the world wide web and serves millions of websites every day. WordPress is free and can be used for anything from a small blog to a large multi page website. …Continue reading

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20 fantastic tips to improve your website’s SEO

In this article I’ll go through the basic elements that make up search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website, giving you some top hints and tips to catapult your website up the search engine rankings. SEO is something that is beneficial for every business. This is because it’s still the biggest source of traffic on …Continue reading

the shared vs managed WordPress hosting review introduction

The Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting Review (infographic)

Every website owner needs a hosting plan to get their online business up and running. Some hosting companies are optimised for WordPress but it can be hard to tell what all the different features are and if you should go for Shared or Managed hosting. Choosing the right host can make all the difference when …Continue reading

newt labs keeping wordpress sites secure and effective

Newt Labs To Focus On WordPress Support And Maintenance

Welcome to Newt Labs Hi, and welcome to Newt Labs! My team and I love WordPress and we can’t wait to start helping people with their existing websites. I’ve been building and supporting a wide range of WordPress websites since 2010 and learnt a lot along a way. As I continue to learn and grow …Continue reading

DSLR Camera

Getting Started With A DSLR Camera For Video

If you’re wanting to shoot some high quality video footage you should look into getting a DSLR camera because you wont find better quality video within it’s price range. Once you have a DSLR camera to get the most out of it you’ll need to play around with the settings and invest in some equipment …Continue reading

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So You Want To Be A Web Designer?

There are many routes you can take on your path to becoming a web designer. I offer you an insight into how I work which should provide you with some advice and tips on how you can get started in the web design industry. Design After you’ve figured out why you are designing the website …Continue reading

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My First Website Circa 2010

When I was growing up the web was fairly new and for me chat rooms, MSN messenger and flash games were all the rage. Yahoo was a popular website and through it I came across Geocities, Yahoo’s free website creation service, it had a drag and drop interface where you could easily put a simple …Continue reading