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Look no further than Newt Labs! Our experts keep your website updated, safe, and running smoothly.


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Make Visitors Happy

Keep your site running smoothly
with WordPress Support & Maintenance
via our Standard Site Care plan

Get More Customers

Make your site load quickly
with Managed WordPress Hosting
via our Professional Site Care plan

Make Customers Loyal

Keep your site safe and fast
with WordPress Security & Performance
via our VIP Site Care plan

Let Us Handle WordPress While You Focus on Your Business

Your Site Works Well with WordPress Support & Maintenance

We regularly update your WordPress core, plugins, and themes to make sure you have the latest and safest versions.
This helps protect your site from hackers and harmful bots. Choose our Standard Site Care plan for a smooth website.

Time Saved

Issues resolved fast
with Email & Live Chat Support

Content Easily Edited

Learn WordPress basics
with WordPress Tutorial Videos

Bug Free & Secure

We update WordPress often
with Managed WordPress updates

Content Safe & Sound

Regular off-site backups
with Daily Cloud Backups

A Hacked Free Site

We check for dangers and bad code
with 24/7 Security Monitoring

Stay Trusted

If there's a breach, we fix and improve
with Hack Cleanups

If your website stops working or has problems, we'll fix it fast.
If someone hacks your site, we'll help get it back to normal.

How WordPress Support & Maintenance Works

Need Small Fixes?

Just email them to us

We'll Handle It

Our team takes care of the rest

Enjoy Your Day

We like to dance

Have a small website or blog? Our Standard Site Care plan helps keep it running. If your site is simple, our WordPress Support & Maintenance service is perfect for you.

Don't Let Website Troubles Slow Down Your Business

Your Site Loads Quickly with Managed WordPress Hosting

Moving your website? We handle the hard parts. Switch to our trusted hosting, and leave the worries to us.
Our Professional Site Care plan also gives you the best WordPress WordPress support and maintenance.

Site Fast 24/7

Top servers and setup
with WordPress Cloud Hosting

No Disruptions

Domain name & DNS managed
with Domain Name Management

Stay Trusted

Protect user data
with an SSL Certificate

No Surprises

Test site changes before they go live
with a Staging Website

All Emails Delivered

Reliable email delivery
with Transactional Emails

Keep Data Safe

Regular server snapshots
with Server Backups

With Newt Labs, your website is safe and sound.
We take care of everything your website needs.

How Managed WordPress Hosting Works

We Move Your Site, No Cost

Enjoy the easy process

We Make Your Site Faster

More speed, more sales for you

Treat Yourself

We're fans of ice cream

If you have a larger website, like for a medium business, school, or online magazine, try our Professional Site Care plan.
If your site has lots of products, places for users to log in, ways to pay, or lots of videos and photos, our Managed WordPress Hosting service is a good fit.

Make Your Website Super Fast for a Smooth Online Experience for Your Customers

Your Site Stays Safe & Fast with WordPress Security & Performance

We make your site safe and fast, so your customers trust you. Relax, knowing your website is in good hands.
Want the best? Pick our VIP Site Care plan for great WordPress help, faster hosting, and top security.

Site & Users Safe

Keep bad visitors away
with a Web Application Firewall

Fast Images

Get site images quickly
with a Content Delivery Network

Always Ready

Backup your site safely
with an Additional Backup Location

Speed Up Your Site

Load images fast
with the Smush Pro Plugin

Easy Site Updates

Switch from live to test site
with the WP Migrate Plugin

No More Site Problems

We fix your issues first
with Priority Support

We make your WordPress site quick and easy for everyone.
Our expert team uses the latest tools to speed up your site and keep visitors happy.

How WordPress Security & Performance Works

No Effort Needed

We do the tech stuff for you

We Keep Your Site Safe

Fewer customers leave

Enjoy Your Wins

We love to travel

If you have a large website like a top news site, a big online store, or a government page, our VIP Site Care plan is for you. We offer the best WordPress help with fast and secure hosting. If your site has lots of products, many users, or crucial tasks, our WordPress Security & Performance service is the way to go.

Make Sure Your Website Works Well, Loads Fast, and Stays Safe

Why Professionals Love Newt Labs

Ann Hawkins

Rescued my website really quickly with no fuss. Great service. Highly recommended.

Ann Hawkins, Drive the Network

Audrie Reed

Great advice and they explain the techy stuff in a non jargon way.

Audrie Reed, BM Videomedia

Charlie Gray

Incredibly professional, quick and a pleasure to deal with.

Charlie Gray Photography


The WordPress tutorials gave us a lot of food for thought.

Diana Ruthven, Barrow Cadbury Trust

Igor Murasev

We have forgotten all the pain of the technical side of our website.

Igor Murasev, FaceBodyArt

Karen Arnott

Newt Labs are my first recommendation for WordPress experts.

Karen Arnott, Arnott Design

Lenka Koppová

Highly recommended for anyone who needs help with their WordPress website!

Lenka Koppová Marketing

Lianne Saunders

Fantastic support and a friendly, understanding approach.

Lianne Saunders, ITS Construction


Fantastic work on the website. Great to work with and extremely patient.

Oisin Hunt, Dog Eat Dog Clothing

Onur Pinar

I'm very happy when I need any help with my WordPress website!

Onur Pinar Photography

Rob Chant

I feel totally confident about our website's integrity in the future now.

Rob Chant, Cambridge Web Marketing


World class in what they do, I will always be thankful to them.

Rupert Stocks, Guyatt House

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