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Where’s the off button?

I’ve never been good at switching off. When you run a business, there’s never a ‘good’ time to take a break, right? Well, that’s what we all tell ourselves, anyway!  The truth is, it’s entirely down to us how we manage our time – but there are some things in business that are completely out […]

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A change is as good as a rest…

If bank holidays are great, then two consecutive bank holidays are nothing short of brilliant, right? Whatever you’re up to this week and however you’re celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday, I hope you enjoy yourself. We’ve got two young kids, so a bank holiday is as much about keeping them occupied and tiring them […]

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bowl of popcorn

Friday night’s film night

Life can be pretty hectic sometimes. Especially when you’ve got children and you’re running a business. That’s why whenever I get the time to sit down, relax, and spend time with my family, I treasure it. It’s the reason why we started our Friday film nights. Last week we watched the new Spider-Man movie, and […]

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baby sitting up looking out to the sea

Those first steps…

We had a pretty big moment in our house this weekend… My son crawled for the first time. The only problem now that he’s on the move is how we go about protecting him. It was a precious moment and one of those that we’ll never forget. First steps are often like that – there’s […]

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Life never goes to plan…

Nothing in life ever goes exactly how you planned it – especially when it comes to websites. Things ALWAYS go wrong at the worst possible time… Your car breaks down when you’re about to go on a long drive, your boiler conks out when you’ve got guests coming to stay, and your website crashes when […]

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the world of woocommerce

How WooCommerce Became the World’s Leading Ecommerce Platform (Infographic)

As it approaches its 10th birthday, WooCommerce is comfortably the leading ecommerce platform in the world. In this article, we take a look at how WooCommerce started and how it grew into the powerhouse it is today. WooCommerce today Let’s take a look at some stats to back up our assertion that WooCommerce is the […]

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