What you'll learn:

What to do when something goes wrong, knowing where to turn to and how to get the most out of your website.

How to easily test changes and updates to ensure that your website never breaks or has any issues again.

Get peace of mind with the best backup strategy, knowing you can weather the eventual storm that is on it's way

Implement some basic measures and procedures to protect you from future attacks and hack attempts

How to enable free uptime monitoring to be the first to know when something's amiss with your website

Learn the truth about hosting and increase your site speed and performance for more leads and sales

Steven Watts

“Whether we’re rolling out a new website or improving an existing one, putting these tried and tested processes into place ensures that we have complete peace of mind, our sites are secure and effective and we’re able to react fast when something goes wrong.

Sign up for the free course and get clear on what you should be doing to get the best results from your website.”

Steven Watts – Founder, Newt Labs