White-Label Partnership Program

We work on your behalf to maintain, speed up and secure your clients websites

Sell our plans

You can sign your clients up to any of our WordPress care plans. Feel free to offer your own pricing in your proposals or on your website.

We'll do the rest

You can forward an @yourbusiness.com email address to us and we can interact directly with your clients as if emails are coming from you.

Everyone wins

We provide support, fixes and maintenance. You save time and get all of the credit. Your clients get a top-notch service. Wins all around.


Is Newt Labs right for you?

Well done, you’ve built a loyal client base with your expertise that is relied on.

But that’s just the beginning. You’re constantly juggling new business generation, client satisfaction, productivity and improving processes.

And after all that you’ve still got to put out fires by providing technical support, site maintenance and more.

It’s a lot to ask anyone.


Professional features for business owners

  • Unlimited small fixes
  • Email support
  • WordPress core, plugin & theme updates
  • Daily cloud backups
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Link monitoring
  • Spam cleanup
  • SEO rank checks
  • Analytics connected
  • Monthly reports


Delegate and focus on what you do best

We know what it’s like. We started out building new sites, but as each one required aftercare, we too suffered from trying to do too many things at once. So we outsourced work for new sites and focused exclusively on WordPress care.

Newt Labs is different. It’s not a one stop shop for every business – it caters exclusively to people, like you, who need to save time, and focus on doing the work they love.


Save valuable time, wow your clients and grow your business with up to 20% off white-labelled WordPress care plans.


Easy payments

You order from us and bill your clients. You have full control over them and we work directly with you.

Passive income

Our Professional plan costs you £99 £79/mo. If you sell 5 for £99/mo, that's an extra £1,200 every year.

Customised email

Get a custom email signature branded for your business when we're sending emails on your behalf.


Reclaim lost time and make your clients happy

If you’re anything like us, time is of the essence. You need fires to be put out so you can run your business and get more work through the door, whilst keeping your clients happy. Grow your business and gain an edge by doing what you do best and leaving the tedious tech work to us.

Newt Labs gives you more time and makes your clients happy by providing support, fixes, maintenance, security, performance and more. All tailored to a business like yours.


Choose the right service for you and your clients needs

Newt Labs caters for business owners needs (yours and your clients) – so you’ll save time, get peace of mind and benefit from an above and beyond service by WordPress specialists that love what they do.

Since your time is your most valuable resource, choose Newt Labs – on average, we will save you over 8 hours a month per client.

“Newt Labs saves business owners like you over 8 hours a month per client”

If you have any questions about Newt Labs you can contact us or request a callback with Steven. Or, if you’re keen to get started try Newt Labs right now, once a member you’ll benefit from up to 20% off all future WordPress care plans and be covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Become a white-label WordPress care member and receive up to 20% off all additional WordPress care plans.

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Defend your site from hackers, improve your website speed, get free uptime monitoring and learn tactics used by WordPress experts

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