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  • £559/MO excl. VAT
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  • Project Manager
  • Strategy & Planning Help
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  • 3 Days a Month
  • Guaranteed Availability
  • Project Manager
  • Strategy & Planning Help
  • Monthly Quarterly

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Our WordPress Development Services

Included as required


By figuring out the problems you face with your website we can work with you to create solutions that get you to where you want to be.

Web Design

Improve your website design to better communicate your brand and provide more of a delightful experience for your potential customers.


Enable your website to live up to it's expectations, drive traffic and revenue, and improve ROI with website improvements and new features.


Ensure that your website and it's content gets seen in the search results and is linked to for increased traffic and conversions.

A/B Testing

We track your visitors to see how they navigate your website and we use those insights to create the best version of your website possible.


Empower the people that create and update the content for your website to become more productive by being able to get the most out of WordPress.

Code Audit

Keep your visitors on your site by improving accessibility, broken links, compatibility, seo, privacy, web standards and usability issues.


We can help increase the number of visitors that convert into customers, or make them more likely to take your desired action or pathway.


Gain trust, build a communtity of followers and get found for being the expert within your industry by providing engaging and shareable content.

Content Marketing

Create value through industry relevant content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience who you can market your services and/or products to.

Social Media

Grow your following and build relationships by connecting with others, creating and sharing content and participating in engaging discussions.

Pay Per Click

Make a worthwhile investment by driving revenue to your website by reaching your target consumer at the right time with the right advert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your hourly rate?

Our day plans are based on 7 hours at £80 per hour. We also have an exclusive discounted development rate for our site care members at £50 per hour. Once registered for site care and signed in to the Newt Labs website the discounted rate will be shown. A days worth of work may be spread out throughout the week, we use a tool called Harvest to keep track of time taken. If you need to know how much time you have left during development just ask and we will be happy to provide you with an accurate answer.

When is my development work scheduled?

We're able to start working on your requests within 1 business week of receiving your order. Once the initial work is done we can agree on the best time to work on your website each month. We tend to keep Fridays clear for learning and growing our business, which means that there is always availability, allowing us to move things around should something really urgent crop up.

How do you manage our tasks?

We use a tool called Basecamp, this allows us to share ideas, gather feedback, and track the progress of your project without any unwieldily email chains. You can either send us your requests and we can list them, or you can list the tasks yourself ensuring that they're always in priority order.

Can you make me a website?

If it's a really good fit between our two companies and it's a project where we're able to provide a return on investment, we'll be happy to discuss meeting for a strategy session where we can look at your businesses problems and suggest solutions to get you to where you want to be. From there it's up to you if you want us to take on the proposed project, or if you want to take the roadmap deliverable we will have created for you to other firms, that will now be able to provide you with realistic quotes for what you actually need. Once your WordPress project is built we're more than happy to provide site care, hosting and development work to keep your investment moving forward.