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Blogger Vs WordPress – Which Is Better For You

WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS), and its market share is overwhelming. Even though WordPress’ supremacy isn’t in danger, there are a few rivals with cool features. One of the most feature-rich rivals is Blogger (aka Blogspot). The fact that it’s owned by Google is enough to convince you to pay attention to …Continue reading

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Skyrocket Your Traffic With LSI Keywords

Content optimisation is every bit as important as backlinks. In the end, people will neither share nor link to your articles if they lack quality. However, there is much more to it. Quality of the content is not only determined by its impact on the readers. It is also determined by its impact on the …Continue reading

how to have the best wordpress backup strategy

How To Have The Best WordPress Backup Strategy (Infographic)

No matter the size of your website or how many visitors you get, your website was put online for a reason and so it has value, not only does it have value to you, but it also provides value to your visitors. Making sure you have at least 1 backup that you can access at …Continue reading

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How to Use WordPress to Make a Website

Do you believe in miraculous solutions that let you accomplish things faster than anyone? Do you believe that there is a shortcut for everything? I am very sorry, but this article is NOT for you! You probably landed on this page because you looked for a guide to teach you how to use WordPress to …Continue reading

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12 Valuable Cloud Security Threats You Need To Know (Infographic)

Since security remains an ongoing concern for both big companies and small, tech executives are no longer wasting time wondering if they should risk transferring important data to the cloud. The first big step in lowering risk is identifying cloud’s top security threats. The RSA Conference in 2016 listed the ‘treacherous 12’, the top 12 …Continue reading

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10 Top WordPress Marketing Plugins To Make Life Easier

As a website owner, you have to take care of a huge number of things when trying to do your best to promote your website and get as many visitors (or potential customers) as possible. However, if you are building your website using WordPress, you can make use of a plethora of WordPress marketing plugins …Continue reading

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How To Find The Right Social Media Network For Your Business

To get the best results out of social media you need to know where your potential customers are and get your content in front of them. There’s no point trying to be everywhere as your target audience will most likely be concentrated on one or two platforms anyway. It’s important to understand the differences between …Continue reading

WordPress Automatic Updates

How To Decide On WordPress Automatic Updates

The popularity of WordPress is perhaps the chief reason for it being the primary target of hackers. Enough damage could be done just by locating one vulnerability. The critical question still exists – How can an average user of WordPress secure their website against such threats? There are so many ways to keep your WordPress …Continue reading

How to Clean Up a Hacked WordPress Site Intro

How to Clean Up a Hacked WordPress Site (Infographic)

The majority of website owners are not aware that thousands of websites are being attacked by hackers every single day. With this fact alone I urge you to take a moment to think about how security might fit within your business. Because WordPress is the most popular platform for websites on the market today it …Continue reading


How To Install An SSL Certificate On Your WordPress Website

Before going through the process of installing an SSL certificate on a WordPress site it is important to consider why the change is being made. People generally add an SSL certificate to their site because it creates a much more secure platform for the data traveling between two different parties (that would be Web server …Continue reading

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