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6 Steps To A Successful Web Design Process (Infographic)

In order to execute successful web design projects skilfully and efficiently time and time again you must have a tried and tested process in place.

We’ve put together an infographic to pave the way for web designers, allowing them to pickup some tips along the way, which will help streamline the web design process and successfully execute more home runs for clients.

Although there is no perfect web design process and every project is different, below you’ll find the foundations for web designers to follow ensuring that they’re doing all the rights things from start to finish.

By thinking about some of the things you should be exploring before jumping into the design you’ll have a clear idea of why the website needs to exist, the type of users it will target and how you can do a better job of serving it’s purpose compared to the competition.

Furthermore by having a plan for when the site is launched not only can it be improved to increase it’s success rate, it can also be maintained and supported to allow the website owner to focus on building their business.

Whether you’ll be handling the future development and maintenance yourself or you’ll be recommending a website maintenance company, at least thinking about it beforehand and discussing it with your clients during the planning stage will ensure that it’s thought about and budgeted for to help avoid any last minute surprises.

Not only that but your client will be thankful that you’ve thought about how they can keep moving their business forward and will be more likely to recommend you improving your business in return.

web design process infographic

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