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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

A WordPress theme plays an important role in branding, user experience and search engine rankings. Choosing the best WordPress theme that perfectly suits the look and feel of your intended website is crucial to it’s overall success. All themes are not created equal, choosing a poorly designed theme could affect your website in a very …Continue reading

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How to Check Design Responsiveness of Your WordPress Website

It’s been more than a year since Google announced that mobile search traffic had overtaken that of desktops. As a website owner or designer, the user experience is priority number one. With responsive design, you can ensure consistent user experience across all devices regardless of screen size. It works by automatically resizing, repositioning, and transforming …Continue reading

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How To Make Your Very Own WordPress Website (Infographic)

At Newt Labs we’re happy to help people get a website up and running for their new idea or business. We often get asked for advice to help people set up a website themselves. We love empowering people to create their own websites and we love WordPress as it empowers you to update your website …Continue reading

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7 Essential Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress without a doubt is an extensive content management system that powers over 25% of websites across the globe. Business leaders are developing their businesses by creating a well designed website on WordPress. One can customise the design as well as the functionality of their websites, without embedding any code, thanks to its broad range …Continue reading

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Easy Tips For Configuring Your WordPress Theme

Since the inclusion of the Customiser in WordPress, customisation (for the non-coding blog and site owner, that is) has taken a whole new turn. Fine tuning a fully fledged WordPress theme in terms of colours, fonts, logo placement, widgets, templates, and more can be accomplished with just a few clicks. What’s more – There are …Continue reading

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Take Your WordPress Website Back To School

As summer comes closer to an end and everyone is going back to school, it’s the time of year when we spend more time inside reading, studying, researching, and just being online in general. This means readers will be searching through websites like yours. Now is a great time to re-evaluate your WordPress site – …Continue reading

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How To Setup Your First WordPress Website Like A Boss

We all begin with an idea. An idea which is good enough to tell the rest of the world. If it’s about writing, you need a website. If it’s about photography, you need a website. Be it anything, you need a website to reach out to the world, because gone are those days when having …Continue reading

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10 WordPress Security Tips to Defend Your Site from Hackers (Infographic)

WordPress security is something that needs at least some level of attention, it’s up to you how much time and resources you spend on it depending on where you see security fitting within your business. If your website was to get hacked right now and you was to lose everything, how much of an impact …Continue reading

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How To Migrate Your Blog From to

If you’re interested in blogging then you’ve most probably heard about It is often the first blogging platform for many bloggers to start their career with. But of course, over time when you realise the potential of blogging and how it can be converted into a business for earning money, you decide to move …Continue reading

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The Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

Why should I use WordPress for my website? Perhaps your website’s due an update and your current website is running on a different platform, or you’re just starting out and you’ve heard that WordPress is the way to go. Whatever your reason for wanting to find out more about WordPress, here we’ll challenge the most …Continue reading

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