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How to Use Google Lighthouse and Boost Your WordPress Site

Getting your website to rank and convert into sales is no easy feat. But before you can even generate sales from your site, you need to make sure it is optimised from head to toe. And I’m not just talking about SEO. While search engine optimisation is a big part of it, you must also …Continue reading

spencer haws

Building an Online Business with Spencer Haws, Creator of Link Whisper

It’s one thing to come up with groundbreaking business ideas and aspire for success. It’s another to breathe life into those aspirations. Realising your business dreams and sustaining them is more challenging than one could hope for. That’s why you need someone to look up to for guidance and advice. With multiple revenue streams from …Continue reading

man sitting on cliff relaxing due to never running out of content ideas

How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, and no one can deny this statement. This insight may be most relevant in the blogging universe. Plenty of bloggers and writers have created exceptional pieces of content. Sadly, they treat the same subjects almost in the same manner, and only a very few of them …Continue reading

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WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How to Use the New Block Editor

34% of all websites and counting run on WordPress. This figure doesn’t come off as a surprise because WordPress is free, easy-to-use, and SEO-friendly. It also offers a wide availability of plugins that takes WordPress-powered sites up a notch. Beyond that, the content management system’s adaptability to changes remains one of its most dependable features. …Continue reading

6 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Grow Your WordPress Site’s Email List

Building an email list is a common practice among everyone who wants to promote and sell a product or a service. An email list consists of the emails of people who have willingly signed up for your newsletter or an announcement or another and have given you the right to use their email address by …Continue reading

Akshat Choudhary BlogVault

WordPress Security Simplified: An Interview With Akshat Choudhary of BlogVault

Here’s the reality about running a business site: Nobody is truly ever safe. Even the most prominent brands, with millions of dollars backing their websites, have experienced costly data breaches throughout the years. And imagine what these online threats could do to your livelihood if they start messing around with your site! Thankfully, there are …Continue reading

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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress the Easy Way

One of the awesome things about owning a website is that it can help in growing your business. But if you have no clue about what is and what is not working for your site, you’re going in blind. Fortunately, Google Analytics will come to your rescue. Installing it will help you answer questions about …Continue reading

man signing up to newsletter at a wordpress meetup via a form on a clipboard

How to Create a Subscribe to Blog WordPress Form

If your readers are telling you that they like your blog posts, you’re about to move forward. And because you have their attention, this means they are willing to follow your blog. So from this point onward, your job is to figure out a way to make the task easy for them. Fortunately, you can …Continue reading

couple in bar booking appointment via a wordpress plugin on a laptop

9 Useful WordPress Plugins for Bookings and Appointments

For WordPress users, handling bookings and appointments is made easy for you. All you need is to get your hands on a booking plugin. They’re everywhere and if you want to get the most out of a booking plugin for your WordPress website, you need to take a closer look at its features. You need …Continue reading

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How to Start a Web Hosting Business: An Interview with Tom Zsomborgi of Kinsta

If you think running a WordPress site is hard, then you haven’t worked for a web hosting company. Being at the mercy of your clients, you need to provide blazing-fast loading speed and reliable customer support in this cutthroat market. While most companies fold even before they get started, others like Kinsta are most than …Continue reading