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man using google analytics on laptop

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress the Easy Way

One of the awesome things about owning a website is that it can help in growing your business. But if you have no clue about what is and what is not working for your site, you’re going in blind. Fortunately, Google Analytics will come to your rescue. Installing it will help you answer questions about …Continue reading

man signing up to newsletter at a wordpress meetup via a form on a clipboard

How to Create a Subscribe to Blog WordPress Form

If your readers are telling you that they like your blog posts, you’re about to move forward. And because you have their attention, this means they are willing to follow your blog. So from this point onward, your job is to figure out a way to make the task easy for them. Fortunately, you can …Continue reading

couple in bar booking appointment via a wordpress plugin on a laptop

9 Useful WordPress Plugins for Bookings and Appointments

For WordPress users, handling bookings and appointments is made easy for you. All you need is to get your hands on a booking plugin. They’re everywhere and if you want to get the most out of a booking plugin for your WordPress website, you need to take a closer look at its features. You need …Continue reading

kinsta team

How to Start a Web Hosting Business: An Interview with Tom Zsomborgi of Kinsta

If you think running a WordPress site is hard, then you haven’t worked for a web hosting company. Being at the mercy of your clients, you need to provide blazing-fast loading speed and reliable customer support in this cutthroat market. While most companies fold even before they get started, others like Kinsta are most than …Continue reading

woman relaxing with a beverage after being productive with her new found wordpress tools

21 Awesome Tools To Be More Productive With WordPress

Doing more in less time is on the minds of all WordPress users. You could optimise some of your tasks, but others require tedious user actions. You can set your site to automatically update for example, but it’s best practice to test updates on a development and staging site before deploying them to production to …Continue reading

lady sitting relaxed on sofa researching managed wordpress hosting on her laptop

Everything You Need to Know About Managed WordPress Hosting

So you got yourself a WordPress account. And like a ⅓ of websites (out of the 10 million top websites) that the popular CMS powers, you’re likely in great hands. Next thing to do is to sign up for a hosting plan. And it seems, a managed WordPress hosting plan is a top contender. But …Continue reading

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How to Know Which WordPress Backup Plugin is for You

More than 1.76 billion user records were leaked in the 1st month of 2019. And the sad fact is, your own user records could be the next target. Does your WordPress website have a backup plugin? If so, you have the ability to revert any malicious actions, using a copy of your site that was …Continue reading

guy coding

How to Increase WordPress Max Upload Size: A Step-by-Step Guide

More than 54,000 plugins are yours for the taking if you own a WordPress-powered website! This means, you can download and install them all you want. You can optimise your site for optimum performance. From the most popular ones such as Yoast and Jetpack and everything else in between, just take your pick. Unfortunately, though, …Continue reading

4 local people standing around a globe pointing to their area

How to Add a WordPress Localisation Plugin to Your Site

Do you have a localisation strategy for your website? According to a report from Lionbridge, over 60% of surveyed companies do, with the main drivers being improved customer experience and brand recognition. That is, a better experience for your visitors, and more visitors in the first place! What’s more, with the right plugin, localising your …Continue reading

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How To Optimise Your Sales Funnel To Attract New Customers

Having a sales funnel is a classic approach to generating business leads that has stood the test of time. Though the methods have evolved throughout the ages, the core model remains the same. Automation is a business tool that has given startups and entrepreneurs a competitive edge in the market. So how can businesses blend …Continue reading