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7 of the Worst Websites and How to Avoid the Same Mistakes

Many of Newt Labs’ blog posts outline how important responsive design is and that you should do everything possible to ensure a good user experience for every visitor. Some readers consider this advice a no-brainer tip, but the following bad websites prove that they are wrong. Unfortunately, there are still unresponsive sites that look awful. …Continue reading

The Past, Present and Future of Responsive Web Design

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba and one of the most charismatic CEOs. Entrepreneurs and businessmen attend his keynotes because they are extremely valuable. He is the richest Chinese person and a model for entrepreneurs all across the world. Ma suggested that technology shapes a better future for all of humanity even though it …Continue reading

How to Create a WordPress Dropdown Menu without Code

Is there an analogy to be made between a pizza delivery business and your website’s menu? You will probably say no, but there is a funny but functional analogy. Pizza is your content while the delivery person is your website’s menu. It’s probably true that no matter how good the pizza is, you won’t order …Continue reading

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Factor Psychology Of Colour Into Your Web Design To Boost Conversions

For most websites, if not all, conversions are the single most important factor for its success. Whenever someone signs up for a newsletter, registers for a webinar, fills out a contact form, or simply buys a product or service, that’s a notch on a webmaster’s win column. And believe it or not, the colours that …Continue reading

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6 Tips To Build A Strong And Effective Website For Your Brand

Building a website is the number one task businesses undertake after developing their brand. Once they dive in and start planning a site a slew of questions, choices, and mistakes to be made often arise. The following tips outline common questions and mistakes business owners make, which should help you build a site that will …Continue reading

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6 Steps To A Successful Web Design Process (Infographic)

In order to execute successful web design projects skilfully and efficiently time and time again you must have a tried and tested process in place. We’ve put together an infographic to pave the way for web designers, allowing them to pickup some tips along the way, which will help streamline the web design process and …Continue reading

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6 Steps To A Successful Web Design Process

A well-planned and efficient process is vital to remain competitive in any field, and the same holds true in web design. As visual communicators, web designers believe that online success goes beyond the usual complex algorithms, code, and systems: Having a solid design process helps articulate the motives of the website and ultimately enables it …Continue reading

WordPress Design

A Beginners Guide to Designing a WordPress Website

Once you have selected a domain name and a hosting service, the next step to publishing a WordPress website is to design it. Most people think that in order to design a professional looking website, you either have to know how to code HTML, pay a large lump sum of money for a designer to …Continue reading

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10 Web Design Trend Predictions for 2017 (Infographic)

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good opportunity to look at the current state of the web design industry and where it might be heading. By looking at some of the successful web design trends, that have become more of a staple over the past few years, we can predict the next …Continue reading

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How to Check Design Responsiveness of Your WordPress Website

It’s been more than a year since Google announced that mobile search traffic had overtaken that of desktops. As a website owner or designer, the user experience is priority number one. With responsive design, you can ensure consistent user experience across all devices regardless of screen size. It works by automatically resizing, repositioning, and transforming …Continue reading