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Everything You Need to Know About Managed WordPress Hosting

So you got yourself a WordPress account. And like a ⅓ of websites (out of the 10 million top websites) that the popular CMS powers, you’re likely in great hands. Next thing to do is to sign up for a hosting plan. And it seems, a managed WordPress hosting plan is a top contender. But …Continue reading

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How to Choose the Proper WordPress Hosting for Your Site

Determining the proper WordPress hosting for your site is a complicated task. There are many detailed reviews of hosting companies, and many of them are objective. Sadly, some reviews are biased, written just to earn some money through affiliate marketing. Biased or not, no analysis can provide perfect guidance on the matter of proper WordPress …Continue reading

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How To Decide Between Regular and Managed WordPress Hosting

Choosing a hosting provider isn’t simple at all. They will be responsible for the security, speed, and availability of your website so you need take all of these into account amongst other factors. Hosting issues may affect your credibility, and you can’t sell if people don’t put their trust in you. Don’t rush making the …Continue reading

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The Different Types Of Hosting For Your WordPress Website (Infographic)

When first starting out you just need to get your website online, so you most likely opt for a cheap shared hosting package and don’t look back. After some time when you’ve grown successful and you have an audience you aught to upgrade to a managed solution as you may not realise but your website …Continue reading

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The Different Types of Hosting for Your WordPress Website

Choosing the right WordPress hosting is quite a challenging task yet a crucial component to achieving success with your WordPress website. For beginners, web hosting is a service that allows organisations and individuals to publish their websites on the web. And true enough, a lot of web developers get lost in this process due to …Continue reading

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7 Top Shared WordPress Hosting Services You Should Consider

Today, most bloggers and would-be site owners prefer to use WordPress due to its numerous advantages. Not only does it have all the tools you need to build a beautiful-looking site from scratch, it also has a learning curve suited for those with little to no background in web design and development. Everything you need, …Continue reading

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The Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting Review (infographic)

Every website owner needs a hosting plan to get their online business up and running. Some hosting companies are optimised for WordPress but it can be hard to tell what all the different features are and if you should go for Shared or Managed hosting. Choosing the right host can make all the difference when …Continue reading