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Everything You Need to Know About Managed WordPress Hosting

So you got yourself a WordPress account. And like a ⅓ of websites (out of the 10 million top websites) that the popular CMS powers, you’re likely in great hands.

Next thing to do is to sign up for a hosting plan. And it seems, a managed WordPress hosting plan is a top contender.

But hold up. It’s best to get a good grasp of this type of hosting first before you dive in.

Luckily, this post will come to your rescue. It will fill you in on what you’re getting into.

Here, you will learn everything you need to know about managed WordPress hosting. This way, you will understand whether it’s the type of hosting for you.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

managed wordpress hosting

In this service, the web host is in charge of managing all the technicalities of your website. This includes managing the processor, memory, and hard drive needed to use as a storage system for your site. If a problem arises, it will be the one to save the day.

For example, there’s something wrong with your website. And if so, the problem might come from an external source (such as the hard drive used for its storage). And unless you address this problem, it could stand in the way of how you operate your online business.

If you don’t have a lot on your plate, you might be able to drive your business to success all on your own. But if you do, then you need managed WordPress hosting!

Just think of it like this: if you sign up for managed hosting, all you need to do is prepare your content. You will have less to worry about when it comes to your website!

Features of managed hosting

You must be wondering why you need to pay for managed WordPress hosting when you can get other hosting plans. Well, this is because compared to shared hosting and other hosting plans, managed WordPress hosting lets your site stand out!

Especially if you’re dealing with some competition, you need to amp up your game with the help of the right hosting solution. And with the advantages of managed WordPress hosting that are yours for the taking, you’re about to make it happen.

The best features include:

  • Increased security. Managed WordPress hosting is how you can get your hands on WordPress-level security!
  • Excellent dashboard. Your dashboard will be user-friendly. And it will feature useful data such as individual statistics on visitors/usage and notify you of any outdated tools.
  • Better caching. With WordPress’ predictable nature, web hosts can design a much more efficient caching solution.
  • Backups (automatic and manual). Web hosts can make backups more reliable and efficient.
  • Automatic updates. Your website will always feature the latest version of WordPress. And because of automatic updates, it will also have the latest security features and more.

Benefits of managed hosting

managed hosting for wordpress

Did you know that the providers of managed WordPress hosting work exclusively with WordPress?

This just means, managed WordPress websites can be tweaked to suit the needs of the website owners. And these WordPress hosting platforms can tailor their servers for the best performance of your website!

An example, as mentioned, is a caching solution. Your web hosts can consult with WordPress on creating a caching solution that works on a server-side level.

Now, compare this solution with downloading and installing front-end WordPress caching plugins. After a while, you will come to an apparent conclusion: the server-side solutions can work better.

Another benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that you’re in on better support in case things go south.

With regular hosting solutions, you’re still going to get the help you need. But with managed WordPress hosts, you reach out to experts who can fix your issues better and faster.

Managed WordPress hosting also comes with the benefit of getting your site out fast. After all, this type of hosting comes with an automatic WordPress setup feature.

What you can do with this is take it easy. The whole setup process will be done for you. And in a matter of seconds, your site can be up and running!

Drawbacks of managed hosting

But while there are plus sides to managed hosting, a disadvantage of this option is the relatively high price you have to pay. It doesn’t come cheap.

The reason? The machines needed for managed WordPress hosting tend to be extra powerful. And of course, the website-owner will be the one handling the cost.

You can also say goodbye to flexibility with this hosting solution. This is because managed WordPress hosting is designed solely for WordPress sites.

And since web hosts stick to the stricter policies for WordPress websites, this means you’re in the line of fire, too.

And in other words, there’s a limit to the tools you’re allowed to use. You also can’t run free when it comes to making design changes to your own site. Sadly, some plugins and themes are banned.

Then again, professional WordPress hosting is all about working in light of some policies that are for your own good. If you abide by the rules, these should be the least of your concerns.

Final thoughts

Sure, signing up for managed WordPress services may cost extra. But these services are worth it if you’re a WordPress user.

Because of all the features that this type of hosting equips you with, you can tell that the service is cost-effective. If you go with an unsuitable hosting solution, you will end up spending more money and resources.

Managed WordPress hosting is for you if you have plenty of websites to run. That, or you don’t know the first thing about the technical issues of your site.

There are many web hosting providers that offer managed WordPress hosting. GoDaddy and WP Engine are a couple of examples.

Remember, though, going for managed hosting is only a step in the right direction. To go all the way, you need an optimised and high-performing website!

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100 Tips for Maintaining Your WordPress Site

Defend your site from hackers, improve speed, and learn tactics used by WordPress experts

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