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How To Reduce TTFB to Speed up your WordPress Website

When you are trying to make visitors stay who have attention spans less than that of a squirrel, time is of essence. No one likes to wait and watch as your slow webpages unfold tediously in front of your visitors. Sites that load in less than 5 seconds see 70% longer average sessions. This does …Continue reading

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How to Use WordPress to Make Your Business Fly

Since its initial release in 2003, the WordPress community has grown rapidly. Today, it’s the biggest Content Management System (CMS) on the market, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. It’s so huge it now powers 30% of websites on the internet. What makes WordPress so popular? The appeal lies in its key features: …Continue reading

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19 Above And Beyond Tips To Speed Up WordPress

Do you experience slow loading pages? If the answer is YES, then you may need to speed up your WordPress website! Slow loading pages decrease your page views, worsen user experience, and hinder your WordPress SEO progress. Speed is important! Some major companies including Google, Shopzilla, Microsoft, Bing, and AOL have recognised the significance of …Continue reading

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Getting Started With Website Performance Testing

Websites are getting bigger and as they spiral out of control the average web page is now around the same size as the classic computer game Doom, and there are much bigger web pages out there that are not hard to find. Large web pages can affect user experience, which in turn negates our SEO …Continue reading

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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website (Infographic)

Did you know that a blank WordPress website’s average loading time (without any plugins installed) is only around 400 milliseconds (depending on hosting and configuration), where as one with up to 20 plugins can increase this time by 3.00+ seconds, which is more than enough time to result in 40% of website visitors abandoning the …Continue reading

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How You Can Benefit From A CDN To Make Your Website Lightning Fast

CDN in short stands for Content Delivery Network. As the name suggests, it’s a technique to deliver content via a network. A network is the combination of two or more interconnected components. In today’s era of the World Wide Web, a CDN refers to a system of interconnected cache servers that store structural components of …Continue reading