Eight Excellent Sites To Check Keyword Ranking

Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and other famous marketers firmly state that content marketing is the future. Instead of spending money on expensive TV adverts, content marketing is cheaper and more efficient. Brands massively use the power of content marketing to drive leads and find customers. On the other hand, content marketing done incorrectly can hurt your reputation. You need to do it right to get the desired results.

Keywords are a pivotal element of a successful content marketing strategy. Choosing the best keywords isn’t simple, and it requires time. Finding these keywords often means a lot of guess work, but there are dozens of tools that streamline the process. These tools save time and reveal the proper keywords for your business.

The following sites to check keyword ranking are suitable for all marketers and bloggers. You have to pay a subscription fee to use some of these tools while others are free. In other words, this selection is for all people and budgets.

1. Semrush

sem rush

Semrush is a sophisticated marketing tool; it’s more than a common site for checking keyword ranking.

It gives you a complete report about a domain and your competitors. The pricing plan isn’t Semrush’s biggest advantage, but compared to the data you get, it’s a real bargain. You can try it for free with their seven-day trial.

Create an account and add your keyword in the search form in the upper left section to find its ranking.

You can use geographical targeting – for local businesses, this feature is golden. Other worth mentioning features of Semrush are the following:

  • You can check keyword ranking based on device (mobile vs desktop).
  • It displays a graphic showing keyword evolution across time.
  • You get tons of keyword suggestions (including search volume and cost per click).
  • It generates a list of organic search results for your keyword.

2. Moz Keyword Explorer

moz keyword explorer

Moz is another giant in content marketing universe. This company has released many tools to help marketers, and some are free of charge.

Keyword Explorer is one of its sites to check keyword ranking. It provides less information than Semrush, but you get an exhaustive overview of your keyword. Unlike Semrush, Moz Explorer offers three primary indicators: Difficulty, Opportunity, and Priority. These indicators, combined with monthly search volume, let you know if the keyword deserves your endeavours.

Unfortunately, the site lets you do only two queries a day.

3. Keyword Position

keyword position

This site is a resource exclusively for keyword ranking. It’s simple and intuitive, so you will love to use it.

Keyword Position allows users to search ten keywords and determine their ranking. You can refine the search based on geolocation and page range.

The geolocation option is useful for determining how a keyword performs in a particular location. The page range criterion is helpful for checking new keywords or for new websites.

For instance, you can benchmark how fast you evolve from page 23 to page 2 for a keyword. It’s not relevant for a client, but a marketer will appreciate this kind of data.

Keyword Position is one of the best sites to check keyword ranking. It’s part of Small SEO Tools, a suite of 20 tools to help marketers.

4. Rank Checker

keyword rank checker

Rank Checker does a similar job to the previous resources, but it also has original parts. Add a keyword and your domain in the search form, and you get a list of Google and Yahoo results for that keyword.

You can also see how your competitors perform for your keyword.

Rank Checker features your first URL found, so you are able to optimise the best post for that keyword.

Another useful option is the possibility of seeing if the keyword is in title, domain, or URL of the search results.

5. Rank Scanner

rank scanner

Rank Scanner is a great site to check keyword ranking. The interface is intuitive, and you get actionable data about your website position for that particular keyword.

Using it is simple – add your site domain and up to five keywords. As a bonus, Rank Scanner suggests 20 additional keywords for your site.

The coolest feature is that Rank Scanner lists your site position for the five keywords you monitor. Plus, you get a chart to see your site’s evolution for these keywords.

Pricing plans are available for all kind of budgets. Try the basic plan, which is free, and see how Rank Scanner fits your business. Use the Silver, Gold, or Platinum plan for extra features and monthly giveaways.

6. SERPs Rank Checker

rank checker serp

SERPs Rank Checker is the perfect tool if you only need to know the ranking of a particular keyword.

You have to fill in the keyword you need, your domain, the search engine and location, the device used (mobile or desktop), and optionally, the exact location.

Instantly, the site displays the URL of your domain with the best position for that keyword. As a bonus, SERPs Rank Checker shows the number of monthly average searches and the estimated cost per click (CPC).

7. WebCEO

web ceo

WebCEO is the perfect tool for a Webmaster who owns a small to medium sized website as it will provide you with just enough to give you a complete overview of your site, and it also includes a section for keyword research.

I think that the 14-day free trial (no credit card required) is more than enough to test all its options.

However, the same as some other sites to check keyword ranking, the services offered here are a little bit too pricey for many budgets.

8. Google Search Console

google search console

Google Search Console is the best resource for checking keyword ranking. It’s specified to your website, and Google stands behind it. In fact, it’s a tool to help you get a higher position in search results.

There is no better adviser than Google in this regard. A serious Webmaster should consult it periodically.

Neil Patel concisely explains the ins and outs of Search Console – read this post to make the most of Search Console. You get plenty of data by visiting Search Console so never ignore it.

Wrapping up

These eight sites to check keyword ranking are sufficient for the average Webmaster. Have you ever used any of them? Do you have a favourite tool? Please let me know by leaving a comment; I am waiting for your thoughts.

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