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How to Unfollow on Twitter: Do Twitter Unfollow Tools Still Work?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with millions of active users sharing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions daily. However, managing their accounts effectively becomes challenging, especially if they follow too many people.

Twitter unfollow tools have been a popular solution to this problem, allowing users to unfollow accounts that are no longer relevant or engaging. But with Twitter’s updated policies and the rise of spammy practices, many users are wondering whether these tools are still practical.

In this article, we will explore the best ways to unfollow Twitter accounts and whether Twitter unfollow tools are still viable for managing your Twitter account.

3 Tools that Still Let You Unfollow Accounts on Twitter

If you’re following too many people on Twitter and want to clean up your list, the tools below are for you. These can also help you generate more followers to engage with and further grow your Twitter reach. Let’s get started:

1. iUnfollow


iUnfollow does what its name says – it lets you unfollow people who have unfollowed you. The interface is straightforward, and unfollowing people is a breeze. Worth mentioning features are Whitelist and History. Whitelist shows the accounts that don’t follow you back. It’s a useful feature that prevents you from unfollowing brands or VIPS that don’t follow you. History is practical because you can check who unfollowed you and when.

2. Tweepi

tweepi website

Tweepi’s Twitter Unfollow tool uses an AI-powered algorithm to filter out persons that don’t follow or connect with your account. The tool also allows users to filter out accounts based on various criteria, such as the date they last tweeted, their number of followers, mutual followers, and more. Using Tweepi’s Twitter Unfollow tool, users can easily clean up their Twitter account(s) and unfollow people who are not adding value to their Twitter experience.

Tweepi does have a daily unfollow limit of 400 accounts per day. This ensures that users do not violate Twitter’s terms of service, which prohibit aggressive following and unfollowing practices that can get a user’s account suspended.

3. CircleBoom

circleboom website

The unfollow features of CircleBoom analyse a user’s Twitter account and provide a list of accounts that fit the selected criteria for unfollowing. Users can then choose the accounts they want to unfollow, and the tool will automatically unfollow them.

The tool also provides additional features, such as the ability to whitelist accounts that users do not want to unfollow accidentally and the ability to detect fake/spam accounts.

The platform is easy to use and provides users with various options to customise their unfollowing strategy.

Popular Twitter Unfollow Tools that Are Now Gone

While these tools no longer exist or changed into something else, it’s still important to know what some of the more famous Twitter unfollow tools are. They help provide context as to why Twitter made changes to its API and how it impacted and continues to impact tools like the ones below.


manageflitter website

ManageFlitter gave Twitter users insight into their accounts with tools that include automated following, unfollowing accounts, post scheduling, analytics, and more. ManageFlitter can help users streamline their Twitter marketing activities and work smarter and faster.

FriendorFollow (Now Twicsy)

friend or follow website

Twitter FriendorFollow was a useful tool to organise your connections into different categories sorted into various factors. This included account age, username, followers, following, followers-following ratio, tweets per day, or last tweet. Using these sorting options helped make unfollowing inactive, irrelevant, or talkative connections much easier. As Twicsy, the site is now a place for people to purchase Instagram likes, followers, and comments.

Unfollower Stats

unfollower stats website

Unfollower Stats was useful in evaluating your Twitter activity. It shows users who unfollowed you and those who you follow but don’t follow you back. Other cool features are mention stats, best friends, and a daily report of your Twitter performance. website is a control panel for your Twitter activity with a simple follow/unfollow app. It offers suggestions about your most important, most influential, consider following/unfollowing, or not following back users.

Do Twitter Unfollow Tools Still Work?

While still effective to an extent, there are fewer Twitter unfollow tools nowadays for a reason. The platform has updated its policies to prohibit third-party apps that allow follow-unfollow (a.k.a follower churn), buying or selling followers, or automatically adding followers. This also includes mass-unfollowing Twitter connections.

The update aims to ensure that Twitter becomes a safe and trustworthy place for users to connect and share content. In addition, Twitter has been struggling financially since Elon Musk took over in 2022, and the company is likely looking for ways to increase revenue and reduce costs.

This means that users can’t unfollow people like before. They have to observe the daily unfollow limit set by the tool to clean up their Twitter list, which could hamper their productivity. Nonetheless, it’s a necessary update Twitter needs to make to reduce spam and improve the user experience, which could help attract more users and advertisers to the platform.

What’s the Best Way to Unfollow Twitter Accounts Nowadays?

The best way to unfollow on Twitter nowadays is to do it manually, unfortunately.

Twitter provides a simple way to unfollow accounts. Click on the “Following” button on your homepage or profile page.

how unfollow on twitter

You can also hover over the “Following” button next to any account name on your following list and click the button to unfollow the account.

You can also unfollow an account via that user’s profile page by clicking on their name in your home feed and once on that person’s profile page, clicking the “Following” button and then clicking “Unfollow.”


As a Twitter user, you must be careful using Twitter unfollow tools as part of your strategy. While once a popular solution, the rise of spammy practices and Twitter’s updated policies have made them less effective.

The best way to approach unfollowing accounts without getting your account banned is to do it manually. Depending on how many accounts you want to unfollow, it will be time-consuming. Regardless, this ensures that your Twitter experience is authentic and valuable.

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