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How to Increase WordPress Max Upload Size: A Step-by-Step Guide

More than 54,000 plugins are yours for the taking if you own a WordPress-powered website! This means, you can download and install them all you want. You can optimise your site for optimum performance. From the most popular ones such as Yoast and Jetpack and everything else in between, just take your pick. Unfortunately, though, …Continue reading

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6 Must-Use Tools for an SEO-Friendly WordPress Site

WordPress can help you build a beautiful site from the ground up in no time, but it does not mean you can easily get great rankings in search engines. As the most complicated field in online marketing, SEO requires you to look into a variety of factors that are affected by your on-page and off-page …Continue reading

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7 Top Shared WordPress Hosting Services You Should Consider

Today, most bloggers and would-be site owners prefer to use WordPress due to its numerous advantages. Not only does it have all the tools you need to build a beautiful-looking site from scratch, it also has a learning curve suited for those with little to no background in web design and development. Everything you need, …Continue reading

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So You Have a WordPress Website. Now What?

Creating a website using WordPress is only the first step. Once you have your site, it is time to proceed with taking it online. Did you create a website to blog, to sell something, or for professional use? The purpose of the site you created will dictate your future actions on WordPress. Regardless of your …Continue reading

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How to Find Out Your Content Marketing Goal and Mission

In business, there is never a one size fits all solution. You always need to consider the specific needs of your business and identify key objectives to develop a solid plan. Bear in mind that, in content marketing, the bulk of your time will be spent in planning and developing a content strategy. In fact, …Continue reading

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Why Your Blog Audience is Important to Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the cornerstones of success for online businesses. After all, the internet is merely a tool that can further communication through various forms of content. Unsuccessful bloggers and content developers, however, forget that proper communication can only exist between two people and start to write for machines. To communicate more efficiently …Continue reading

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How to Check Design Responsiveness of Your WordPress Website

It’s been more than a year since Google announced that mobile search traffic had overtaken that of desktops. As a website owner or designer, the user experience is priority number one. With responsive design, you can ensure consistent user experience across all devices regardless of screen size. It works by automatically resizing, repositioning, and transforming …Continue reading

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