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Newt Labs To Focus On WordPress Support And Maintenance

Welcome to Newt Labs

Hi, and welcome to Newt Labs! My team and I love WordPress and we can’t wait to start helping people with their existing websites.

I’ve been building and supporting a wide range of WordPress websites since 2010 and learnt a lot along a way. As I continue to learn and grow I want to extend my reach to help as many people within the WordPress community as possible. I am to do this by building an initial team of people that I know and trust, who will be supported by a set of core values and services by the Newt Labs business. We are ready to put ourselves out there and provide as much value as we can whilst constantly reviewing and building more value over the coming years as we grow.

In my experience; as both a freelance web developer and from working within web agencies; the main focus when building a new website is on the actual site and not on the aftercare service. This is where Newt Labs is different. We will bridge that gap to give people the attention their website deserves. This means, an aftercare service that includes ongoing WordPress support, security, backups, maintenance, tutorials and much more.

Some of the types of people that we want to work with

  • PR Managers, Bloggers and Business Owners who need to focus on creating and sharing new content
  • Power Users who are able to handle some website issues themselves but need help with the more technical problems
  • Web Developers who need to focus on active projects
  • Studio Managers who need to keep existing clients satisfied whilst attracting new business

WordPress Support is at the heart of everything we do

In my previous role as the technical support and maintenance lead; I gained a lot of experience in dealing with support requests, replicating and fixing specific issues, hosting tasks and creating new features. Through combining this experience with my background in WordPress development; coupled with working alongside other WordPress experts we are able to focus our efforts into communicating and fixing issues a lot faster than your average web-hosts or in house team.

We are proactive

Sometimes things just do not work and problems get in the way of you being able to complete a simple task such as publishing a new blog post or updating page content.

We are invested within your business and want you to succeed! Therefore, through updating your website regularly we will avoid issues occurring; safeguarding the present time and the future.

We love to empower people

We provide support and professional video tutorials within our monthly plans. However, we think that it’s important for all WordPress users to be able to get the most out of their websites.

So if you want to learn more, we will be publishing tutorials via the blog and we will also be releasing a free version of our WordPress video tutorials for non members.

If you would like to receive these types of posts, or get the latest promotions you can subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page.

Your input is important to us

We want to serve you the best we can so if you have any ideas or ways we can improve our service we’re all ears. You can send us a Tweet or Email us. If we use your idea we will send you £50.

To find out more about the services we provide please check out our homepage.

Let’s get things started

To celebrate the relaunch of Newt Labs we’re going to give away 3x Six Month Proactive WordPress Support Plans!

To enter you just need to leave a comment on this post with an example of a WordPress issue you have experienced or simply why you think you deserve the free subscription. To boost your chances of winning you can interact with the below buttons which will count as extra entries.

The competition closing date is at midnight (UTC) on the 28th April 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and announced within 5 days after the closing date.

Good luck to everybody involved and thank you all for being here to celebrate this relaunch with us. Here’s to the future of Newt Labs!

This contest is over

And the winners are…

  • DanCrewger
  • Europe Diaries
  • Guyatt House Care

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About Steven Watts

Steven WattsSteven is the founder of Newt Labs. He's a WordPress specialist with an interest in building the most effective websites possible. Since 2010, he's been helping businesses with their online goals.

16 Responses to “Newt Labs To Focus On WordPress Support And Maintenance”

  1. DanCrewger

    I love the idea. Am example of an issue I’m currently dealing with: a Co worker asked me for help on her parents small business website and I’d love to help her. The home page is not responsive on iPhone 6, all other pages are. I have built a few websites on wordpress and know a bit, but for some reason I can’t fix this problem. I have narrowed down the cause, but am stuck. I’m sure with your experience, you could help a lot.

  2. Oisin

    I believe I really need to win this to further help with the security aspects of my website. My experience with you has been fantastic and I believe if I was to win it would truly benefit and boost my website in all areas. WP has been a struggle for me sometimes but with your guidance this process has been made smooth and easy

  3. Karim T.
    Karim T.

    I haven’t had a major problem with work done under wordpress so far however always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to security! Think this service is just right up my ally!

  4. Francesca Laughton
    Francesca Laughton

    We use WordPress a lot and can manage to do minor tweaks but struggle to still do some simple tasks. We find the new divi builder tool really difficult to navigate and we’re scared to make changes sometimes in case it messes up the whole site. We need some help and guidance 🙂

  5. Europe Diaries
    Europe Diaries

    I am a blogger and have been wanting to make the switch from to .org..I got a theme a few months ago and bought hosting space too..but the theme just seemed so complicated and with so many problems that I still have not managed to move my blog! Sigh! This is something I need to do urgently..Need a professional look for my website and make sure it also looks good on mobile..ahh all these technical things require so much of time and energy for sure!

  6. P D Carpentry & Building

    Steven made my site a few years ago now and carries out updates and small edits/additions, this is a brilliant idea I think I think we would benefit from this, personally WP for me is a struggle sometimes but with Stevens great tutorials we should be able to manage to do minor additions, updates etc general things that are not seen to our own site then budget would allow to spend on keeping it fresh making visual changes, keeping the site well presented and easily found

  7. Guyatt House Care
    Guyatt House Care

    Steve made my website from nothing but a notepad of ideas. What he did was changed a non existent webpage to now one of our main recourses of business referrals. Not only did this improve business sales, but more importantly gave a good impression of us even before the next customer walked in.

    What we now struggle on is to find the crucial time and expertise to keep this site fresh and creative. If I win this or not, the team over at WP SHRUG are world class in what they do, and I will always be thankful to Steve for the sales he has created for us.

    Cheers Bro!


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