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Ten Tips on How to Get YouTube Subscribers

We experience up to 80% of our total impressions by seeing. Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Humans are heavily dependent on seeing, and that will never change. Marketers have no choice but to use these stats in all their strategies. Many of them have already taken action by using the power of visuals to generate new leads.

Videos play a major role in any marketing strategy because users enjoy consuming them. When I say, “enjoy,” I mean really enjoy: social videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Don’t waste time but use videos as part of your visual marketing strategy.

Even though YouTube is already a crowded place, you can get plenty of clients by creating a community of subscribers to your channel. The first step of a successful YouTube presence is to build a community that likes your uploads. If you don’t know how to do that, check out the following tips on how to get YouTube subscribers.

1. Stick to One Strategy

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A plan is mandatory for every successful achievement, and getting YouTube subscribers is no exception. Create a strategy based on a medium-term perspective and use milestones and deadlines to evaluate your evolution. This strategy must contain a few things, such as the following:

The Video Topics

Start with a clear idea about the videos you want to create and upload. Focus on a primary idea and a few adjacent topics, and go along with them.

Uploading Schedule

The same as in content marketing, you get the best results by respecting a schedule. A good approach is to upload one video per week. Of course, it depends on your resources and budget.

A Plan to Promote Videos

YouTube has enough content not only for its users but also for the entire galaxy. It’s crystal clear that your videos will be buried forever if you don’t promote them. Before uploading the first video, outline a clear plan to promote your videos.

2. Strive for Quality

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It sounds like a no-brainer, but I believe that it is better to warn you that all mediocre content will work against you. Upload only valuable content or don’t upload at all. Consider hiring video creators if you aren’t able to do the work yourself. Additionally, you need to buy high-end equipment, especially a microphone and a DSLR camera, if you decide to produce in-house video content.

3. Optimise the Videos’ Titles

The importance of a video title is similar to that of a blog post title. Users make a first impression based on the title, and on the Internet, there is no second chance. Don’t disappoint viewers by writing catchy titles that aren’t relevant to your content. By doing so, you wont gain subscribers.

Your titles should convince people to give your videos a try. The titles should be simple, short, and sweet. Put yourself in the shoes of a YouTube viewer; is your title similar to the keywords a user puts into the search form? If not your titles need some fine-tuning.

YouTube works as a search engine, and you have to optimise your videos for a higher rank. Consequently, use your keywords in the title and meta description.

4. Personalise Your Channel

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Any default settings work against you because you miss an opportunity to be original and promote your brand. Do your best and customise your channel. Start by adding excellent channel art that makes you distinguishable. The “About” page is another place that deserves your attention. Let people know who you are and what you are doing, and add links to your social media networks.

5. An Engaging Channel Trailer

Anytime someone visits your channel, they will watch a trailer. A good trailer can transform a visitor into a subscriber in no time. We have all watched more than a couple of movie trailers in our free time, so I’m sure you are completely aware of their importance. You have probably watched some movies because the trailers were captivating. Your trailer is no different; if it’s cool, you’ve nailed it.

You need to put some effort into creating a good trailer, and in the long run, it will be a profitable affair. Check out this cool tutorial to craft a compelling trailer.

6. Intro and Outro are Capital

You might say that the entire video should be attractive, not only the beginning and the end. It’s true, but the intro and outro are capital because users have short attention spans. They usually judge the value of a video by watching only a few seconds—often the introduction and the end. The same as in the case of a blog post, the intro entices people to spend time consuming the content.

7. Create Custom Thumbnails

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Using attractive custom thumbnails is a detail that makes a huge difference. It shows people that you are serious and invest time to deliver good content. Google explains how to do it, so you have no excuse. Additionally, Canva published a great tutorial showing you how to create a beautiful video thumbnail.

8. Add Annotations

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YouTube users are no longer so naive as to believe that you publish quality video aimlessly. Plus, they agree to take a closer look at your business if you provide them value. Add annotations to your videos and ask people to subscribe to your channel. The number of subscribers will most likely grow exponentially. YouTube lets you add annotations and customise them, so don’t let people get away from your channel.

9. Promote Videos like Crazy

Promoting your products and services is a necessity in any field. Most famous marketers claim that their success relies on a complete strategy of creating buzz around what they sell. Share your videos on social media because people enjoy videos on their feeds. Don’t ignore Facebook and Google+ groups; post your videos if they are relevant to the topic.

Consider spending some dollars to boost your videos and Facebook page; the money spent on promotion will bring profits in the long run.

10. Check YouTube Analytics

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Many articles and guides that teach you how to get YouTube subscribers don’t mention checking YouTube Analytics. This situation reveals that video marketing can be seriously improved in the future. Have you ignored Google Analytics? I don’t think you can call yourself a marketer or blogger if you don’t check Google Analytics. The same goes for YouTube Analytics.

Use any data from YouTube Analytics to improve your strategy for acquiring subscribers. It’s a priceless tool to help you understand your audience.

None of the above tips are secrets or outstanding. Almost all of them are obvious, but marketers ignore some of these tips. Use this article as a checklist before uploading a video. I can’t guarantee that your channel will attract a massive list of subscribers, but I can guarantee that you will consistently attract new subscribers.

Are you involved in YouTube marketing? Please let us know your thoughts about YouTube and video marketing. We are waiting for your input.

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