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24 Resources for Learning WordPress from Top to Bottom

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YouTube Channels for Learning WordPress

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and we memorise more information when we listen than when we read. This fact means that you are making a huge mistake if you don’t check YouTube or other video sharing networks for WordPress channels. Perhaps you don’t have time to search, so we have done it for you.

There are many YouTube channels for WordPress lovers. Some of the blogs and course providers showcased above have a substantial presence on YouTube. I will only mention a few:

In addition to these channels, I will introduce another seven YouTube resources for WordPress training.

18. ThemeIsle

themeisle website

ThemeIsle is a YouTube channel aiming to help beginners. You can watch their videos randomly or watch playlists focused on particular topics like ‘WordPress Plugins’ and ‘How to Create a WordPress Website for Your Business’.

I recommend checking out their ‘WordPress Video Tutorials’ playlist. It doesn’t quite have an inspired name, but there are many videos worth watching. All the videos are relatively short, and the presentation style is quite friendly.

19. WebTegrity

webtegrity website

One of WebTegrity’s playlists is called ‘WordPress Wednesday’, and it’s a useful resource for learning new things about WordPress. As the name says, a new video is uploaded each Wednesday. The videos are under ten minutes (with only a few exceptions), so you won’t get bored with lengthy explanations.

20. Let’s Build WordPress

lets build wp website

Let’s Build WordPress is a sweet mixture of long and short videos. The long videos show how to build a WordPress blog or a new website from scratch. At the same time, ‘Simple WordPress Tutorials for Everyone’ is a playlist made up of short videos focused on just a single task, like ‘How to Change Your Password in Seconds’ or ‘How to Embed a YouTube Video on WordPress.’

21. Website Wizard

website wizard site

Website Wizard is suitable for WordPress users who have limited skills but are ready to learn more to create a site. This channel works like a course presenting the steps needed to craft a site.

Currently, the most recent videos were uploaded in May 2016. Clearly, the information isn’t obsolete, but some WordPress features and options discussed in the videos might be different from the current ones. Pay attention to this aspect.

22. Ferdy Korpershoek

ferdy korpershoek website

Ferdy Korpershoek is an alternative to Website Wizard. ‘How to Make a WordPress Website – 2017’, ‘Complete WooCommerce Tutorial – 2017’, and ‘How to Make a One-Page WordPress Site’ are sophisticated and helpful videos will that take you from zero to hero. The videos are about two to three hours long and really test your patience.

You can also find tonnes of short videos showing how to set up different plugins and themes. Clearly, these actionable pieces of content streamline the work of an average WordPress user.

23. Tyler Moore

tyler moore website

The single drawback of Tyler Moore’s channel is the lack of organisation. In my opinion, grouping videos into playlists would make people use the knowledge shared more efficiently. Either way, you will find many videos covering everything about WordPress.

24. Darrel Wilson

darrel wilson website

Darrel Wilson is the most active YouTuber on this list. He started posting videos in early 2016 and hasn’t stopped. Not only is this channel my favourite, but it also has 50,000 subscribers. You have to check out and even subscribe to this channel to learn how to create modern websites and use the latest plugins.

I am sure that these resources will be enough for your WordPress training for the next year. However the chances are that I forgot some essential course providers, blogs, and channels. Please leave a comment with your favourite resources. Your contribution makes this post better for all of us.

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Defend your site from hackers, improve your website speed, get free uptime monitoring and learn tactics used by WordPress experts

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