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40+ Wonderful Marketing, SEO & WordPress Blogs to Feast Your Eyes On

WordPress proudly powers 43% of websites around the globe. The user-friendly platform is loved by everyone – travel bloggers, fitness entrepreneurs, internet marketers, culinary experts, and many others.

As WordPress is spreading like wildfire, we decided to compile a list of 40+ of the best marketing, SEO, and WordPress blogs that deserve your attention.

These blogs specifically deal with internet marketing, SEO, social media marketing, WordPress development, and so on. The bloggers responsible for dispersing valuable information are the experts in their niches.

Have a look at the list to gain awesome insights to help grow your WordPress website and business.

1. Backlinko

Once struggling to drive traffic to his personal fitness blog, Brian Dean has come a long way to become one of the most sought-after SEO experts in the online marketing industry.


2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Started with a website at the age of 16 but that failed miserably due to poor marketing tactics. Today, he is known as a pioneer in the online marketing industry. Entrepreneur Magazine named Neil the leading online marketer.

neil patel

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a renowned name in the online marketing industry. It has a plethora of tools that help with keyword research, monitoring competitors’ progress, backlink generation, and much more.

ahrefs website


Formerly known as Audience Bloom, has been responsible for driving valuable traffic to various websites for many years now. Established in 2010, the company is a well-known name for social media marketing and SEO.


5. Blogging Wizard

Are you struggling to accelerate the progress of your WordPress blog? Blogging Wizard is the place where you can get effective tactics and strategies to boost your blog’s online presence.

blogging wizard

6. Codeable

Codeable has dedicated itself to WordPress users. Whether it’s coding or SEO, you can rely on Codeable to provide feasible solutions. The firm has helped over 10,000 businesses till now.


7. Copy Blogger

Imparting valuable content marketing tips for establishing a solid foundation for an online presence is the sole aim of Copy Blogger. Established in 2006, Copy Blogger is now a renowned name in the online marketing industry.

copy blogger

8. Crazy Egg

Analysing traffic is the key to converting visitors into clients. Crazy Egg works on the same principle. With the right set of tools, you can streamline your traffic for maximising sales.

crazy egg

9. Cyber Chimps

Cyber Chimps is a recognised entity in the WordPress themes and plugins industry. Besides, it provides trustworthy resources to its readers via its blog.

cyber chimps

10. Detailed

We tend to learn faster, and in a more efficient manner, with the help of examples and case studies. That’s exactly what Detailed does. It presents content marketing case studies in an illustrative manner.


11. WP Beginner

Syed Balkhi stepped into the WordPress industry when it was in its initial phase. The guy has come a long way since then. WPBeginner is the ultimate source of information for everything related to WordPress.

wp beginner website

12. Fortune Lords

Fortune Lords is the brainchild of Danny Donchev, a renowned SEO expert. You’d be impressed by the clean and simple layout of the website, and the content as well!

fortune lords website

13. Leveling Up

Eric Sui brings you success stories and expert tips from successful entrepreneurs. You are certain to get motivated by the insightful content offered by Leveling Up (formerly known as Growth Everywhere).

leveling up

14. Hubspot

Do we need to say anything about Hubspot? If yes, then you must know this is the ultimate source of knowledge in the field of online marketing. Truly a must-read.

hubspot website

15. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most preferred social media marketing tool. So if you want to learn some effective social media marketing tactics, you can refer to Hootsuite anytime. Their blog provides rich content on social media management.


16. Index WP

Index WP thinks about WordPress day and night. Your queries regarding WordPress will be answered on here Learn about the latest themes and crucial tools necessary for building WordPress blogs and more.

index wp website

17. Internet Marketing Ninjas

They are as fascinating as their name when it comes to internet marketing. Get access to the latest SEO trends, news, valuable blog posts, podcasts, tools, community interaction, and much more.

internet marketing ninjas

18. SEO Power Suite

Links are all you need to connect with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. SEO Power Suite’s widely popular blog is the first choice when it comes to SEO.

link assistant website

19. Matthew Woodward

If you want to experience the potential of internet marketing, look at the earnings of Matthew Woodward. The guy provides useful tips on SEO and affiliate marketing.

matthew woodward website

20. Marketo

Marketing can be a hectic task. To simplify your problems, embrace Marketo to adopt automated marketing solutions. Get valuable insights to propel your marketing efforts and a bit of inspiration, too.


21. MOZ

MOZ aims to help all WordPress users to increase their online presence to establish their brand. MOZ is one of the most respected players in the online marketing industry.

moz website

22. Online Media Masters

Tom is the guy behind this resourceful WordPress website. Get effective WordPress tips in the form of extensive yet interesting guides on Online Media Masters. Apply the techniques mentioned by Tom to increase your website traffic.

online media masters

23. Optimizely

For mind-blowing performance, your WordPress website should be optimised completely. This includes content, code, plugins, and everything. Embrace Optimizely to accomplish the crucial task of optimisation.


24. Optin Monster

According to various studies, subscribers are more beneficial than visitors. Hence, try to convert every visitor into a customer. How? Optin Monster, the lead generation software, can help you with this task.

optin monster website

25. Page Traffic

Page Traffic is devoted to catapulting your website’s growth to unprecedented levels. Their work has been recognised by Forbes, Hubspot, Inc., SEJ, SocialMediaToday, and so on.

page traffic

26. Quick Sprout

Besides content, there are various other factors that are responsible for your WordPress blog’s growth. Quick Sprout does a commendable job in intimidating these crucial aspects to the website owners.

quick sprout

27. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is more than a resource website; it is a hub for online marketers. From SEJ summits to effective tools, you can expect and everything related to online marketing from SEJ.

search engine journal website

28. Search Engine Land

Welcome to the land of opportunities. Search Engine Land provides immense opportunities in the form of WordPress guidance and tips for search engine rankings. Attend their Search Marketing Expo for more information.

search engine land website

29. Techtage

We seldom see young online marketers breaking into the elite category but when we see them, they look like Rohit Palit (the guy behind Techtage). Visit his website for online marketing resources.


30. WordStream

If you are considering harnessing the potential of paid advertising, WordStream’s advertising is all you need. Besides, it offers valuable guidance in the online advertising field.

word stream

31. Search Engine People

Search Engine People is a digital agency that boasts prestigious certifications from renowned entities like Google, LinkedIn, Bing, Facebook, and so on. They are the ones who can boost your digital marketing efforts.

search engine people

32. Stellar SEO

SEO and online marketing are all about getting clients that can trust you. Stellar SEO understands this and hence, it provides practical and effective tips for improving your website’s SEO without resorting to shady tactics.

stellar seo

33. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is the most renowned figure in the social media marketing field. Get valuable tips, tricks, and guidance to propel your social media marketing efforts on this amazing website.

social media examiner website

34. WP Tavern

WP Tavern specifically deals with analysing and improving the software-related aspects of the WordPress community. They are dedicated to working on effective utilisation of BuddyPress, bbPress, and other software.

wp tavern

35. Yoast

Anyone associated with WordPress in any way knows about Yoast. When it comes to WordPress SEO, you can place your trust in their plugin and information.


36. Sprout Social

As social media becomes an integral platform for driving traffic, leads, and sales; you should utilise the power of social media management software from Sprout Social. They are the experts in this competitive field.

sprout social

37. Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud is an ambitious project created by Harsh Aggarwal who has the knack for everything related to online marketing and WordPress. Adopt his tips and tricks to conquer the world of online marketing.

shout me loud

38. Site Point

Site Point is the resource centre for all the books, courses, blogs, and articles related to coding, online marketing, and SEO. It’s a reliable and trustworthy platform for most renowned online marketers.


39. Smart Insights

Insights are what you need to accomplish the unconquerable. Smart Insights serve you with the exact set of tools required to propel your digital marketing efforts forward. Empower your marketing campaign with the set of tools offered here.

smart insights

40. WP Engine

WP Engine basically deals with web hosting, a crucial aspect when it comes to data protection and user experience. Moreover, the WP Engine blog provides exclusive content on online marketing as well.

wp engine

41. Word Tracker

With the right keyword, you can rank in the top slots of the search engines. For this, you need an effective tool that provides valuable insights when it comes to keyword analysis. Word Tracker is your friend in this case.

word tracker website

42. Larry Ludwig

You always strive to provide the best to your customer. Larry Ludwig helps you in accomplishing your aims and ambitions when it comes to online marketing and SEO.

larry ludwig

43. Newt Labs

Newt Labs provides realistic and pragmatic articles on productivity, content marketing, and WordPress to help business owners and marketers save time and focus on what they do best.

newt labs

The Bottom Line

There are various other online marketing blogs and websites that deserve a mention on this list, but due to limitations, we cannot accommodate those.

You can subscribe to any of the aforementioned resource sites to gain some indispensable knowledge.

And after some time of dedicated work, you will become a prolific marketer in your niche.

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