how to become a web developer

How to Become a Professional WordPress Developer (Infographic)

Did you know that WordPress powers over 27% of the web? WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System today, which is why it would be a good choice to become a WordPress developer and provide WordPress services to your clients. WordPress is a joy to work with and it’s super easy for non-technical people to pick up and update their content.

Gone are the days where a client would rely on their developer to make content changes to their site, WordPress allows you to empower your clients to make changes themselves, which will help them take their business further and enable you to focus on things like maintenance, improvements, or new projects all together.

In the following infographic we at Newt Labs give you a guide for your WordPress journey. This includes what and where to learn, who to look to for help, the tools to pick up along the way and next steps for success with your new found knowledge.

how to become a web developer infographic

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