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28 Popular WordPress Blogs to Add to Your Must-Read List for 2022

WordPress is changing fast, and users, designers, and developers must keep up. Self-preparation is vital if your business revolves around WordPress. Luckily, a plethora of quality courses are available for sale on learning platforms, and some are even free of charge. We suggested a few courses to check out in our list of resources to learn WordPress.

The courses usually cover a topic entirely. Undoubtedly, these courses are helpful, but they don’t keep you up-to-date on what’s new in the WordPress community. You need another type of resource for this. WordPress blogs are the best place to get informed about the latest innovations for the CMS and rumours about what’s on the horizon.

Many WordPress lovers run blogs that publish inspiring posts. Some focus strictly on informing their readers about the latest WordPress news and Core versions. Others focus on practical guides. The majority offer a mix of news, tricks, and tips. With one click, you can access many valuable sources of information. The real struggle is finding the most suitable blog for your needs.

We know that your time is limited, so we did extensive research to find the most interesting and popular WordPress blogs around. Here is our collection. We handpicked each blog on this list and we hope that you will appreciate our efforts.

1. WP Beginner


WP Beginner is one of the most famous WordPress blogs, and legions of readers check it regularly. The vast majority of the posts are targeted at beginners—as the name says—but even advanced users can find something new to learn. WP Beginner’s archives are full of in-depth articles that thoroughly present various WordPress topics.

The Glossary is a precious section that helps less-trained users who don’t know WordPress-specific terms. It contains clear explanations of the most used terms and expressions. It’s a rare resource, so if you are a beginner, don’t forget to bookmark this page and consult it when you don’t know the meaning of a term, abbreviation, or expression.

2. Code in WP


The Code in WP blog is a resource for entrepreneurs, designers, and developers. The articles’ length varies, but all of them can take you from zero to hero. You get complete and detailed data about the topics discussed. The content team is made up of talented developers, so the majority of the posts are based on their experiences.

I recommend checking out the monthly articles, “This Month in WordPress” and “Transparency Reports”. The former is about what happened in the WordPress community over the last month while the latter shows the challenges faced by a design agency. In addition to these articles, Code in WP is one of the best places to read hosting, theme, and plugin reviews.

3. WPMU Dev Blog

wpmu dev

You probably know WPMU Dev from its premium themes and plugins. Still, you shouldn’t miss their blog. Their posts cover a large number of subjects, from theme development to business best practices. A big thumbs up to the marketing and content teams because they don’t aggressively promote their products. Most posts feature their themes and plugins but in a natural way that doesn’t annoy readers.

Check out the Academy section for a few top-class courses for WordPress users regardless of their level of experience.

4. SitePoint


SitePoint is a hub for designers and developers that has been running since 2000 (that’s right, no typo here). SitePoint has sections dedicated to Design and UX, JavaScript, PHP, Web, SEO, Microsoft Tech, and WordPress. It’s a priceless resource for any type of designer or developer. You could spend hours just checking out their fresh content. The WordPress section is full of valuable articles covering all WordPress topics.

The SitePoint forum covers many categories, including WordPress. It’s an active community willing to help those in need.

5. Yoast Blog


If you haven’t heard about the Yoast plugin, you can’t call yourself a WordPress user. It’s the most liked and installed SEO plugin, and there is no better place to learn WordPress SEO than from the Yoast blog. Even if you use another SEO plugin, you won’t waste your time by checking out this blog. Many posts are focused on explaining Yoast’s plugin functionality, but other posts don’t say a word about it. Technical SEO, social media, content, e-commerce, and analytics are the most important subjects showcased here.

6. WooCommerce Blog


Just like Yoast, WooCommerce is a massively used plugin. According to the stats from the WooCommerce website, this plugin powers over 29% of all online stores.

Their blog covers two categories: learning about WooCommerce and developing WooCommerce. The former is for anyone interested in WooCommerce, and it features posts about extensions, tools, and plugins to improve your online stores. On top of that, check out this category if you need professional tips to grow your sales. The latter category is for developers; I recommend visiting it only if you know a thing or two about coding.

7. Wordfence Blog


This is the blog of another highly popular plugin, Wordfence. It’s a steady security plugin that protects millions of users’ sites. Security is the main topic of the blog, and some of the posts are related to the plugin’s updates and features. But you should visit this blog no matter which security plugin you use because you will get a plethora of tips to strengthen your site’s security.

Don’t forget to visit the Learning Centre to master your WordPress security skills; it’s one of the most documented resources in this respect.

8. WP Kube

wp kube

WP Kube is a blog that combines in-depth articles, objective reviews, and complete beginner’s guides in a pleasant way. The posts are easy to digest; you can check out WP Kube even on your mobile device when you are on the go or waiting in a queue. Still, don’t consider it a site for amateurs; there are many complex guides featured here.

9. Elegant Themes Blog

elegant themes

The same as WPMU Dev, Elegant Themes is famous for its incredible themes and plugins. Divi is Elegant Themes’ flagship theme, and many of the blog posts are focused strictly on it, so the blog is a treasured resource for Divi users. Other readers might not be so impressed by these posts, but Elegant Themes archives have tonnes of valuable articles unrelated to Divi. The posts are well-written, and the bloggers use an amicable approach. You will surely love reading this blog.

10. WP Lift

wp lift

WP Lift is an exciting resource for WordPress addicts. The posts are medium-sized and full of practical tips. It’s a real pleasure to check them out. On this blog, you will find many listicles featuring the best themes and plugins. These posts are useful for setting up or improving a site. The Coupons and Deals section is a list of bargains and discounted offers that are worth checking out when you have to purchase themes, plugins, or hosting services. Also, Themes Directory and WordPress Plugins are two handy sections when you have no idea which themes or plugins to use. Read WP Lift’s suggestions and make an informed decision.

11. WP Explorer


WP Explorer takes a similar approach to that of WP Lift—it’s a working mixture of useful information and reliable theme and plugin reviews. Don’t forget to visit the Freebies section to admire a handpicked collection of excellent WordPress themes. The blog combines complex articles, theme and plugin compilations, and reviews. WP Explorer could be your daily dose of information to keep you up-to-date on WordPress news.

12. WordPress Envato Tuts+

wordpress tutorials

Envato Tuts+ is a huge network of blogs focused on design and development. No matter if you are an SEO expert, an entrepreneur, or a WordPress enthusiast, you will find valuable content on Envato Tuts+ for your niche. Certainly, WordPress is a central topic in the Code section.

WordPress-related articles are mostly geared towards the medium to expert level, but the plugin and theme showcases are for everyone. Besides the valuable blog posts, readers have at their disposal courses and books to sharpen their skills. It’s no exaggeration to say that Envato Tuts+ is an excellent learning hub for designers and developers.

13. WP Eka

wp eka

WP Eka impresses with its uncluttered, reader-centred design. The content is valuable and fascinating too. The posts are written to be quickly read and present precious tips for WordPress users. The Interviews section is a feature unique to WP Eka. Many well-known developers and bloggers are featured in this section. It’s quite inspiring to find out how others deal with WordPress challenges and personal issues and how they run their businesses.

14. WP Mayor

wp mayor

Jean Galea founded WP Mayor in 2010. Since then, it has become a reputable resource heavily visited by WordPress addicts. It’s crystal clear that this blog is full of tips and tricks to streamline your work. Consider checking out the objective and detailed reviews of various WordPress products and services, or visit the Jobs section to check out a handpicked collection of job opportunities.

15. Torque Mag


Unlike the majority of WordPress blogs, Torque Mag is more focused on news and events rather than rounds-ups. If you want to stay up-to-date on what’s new in the WordPress universe, then Torque Mag is for you. Conversely, Torque Mag authors publish plenty of in-depth articles aimed at improving users’ skills.

16. WP Tavern

wp tavern

WP Tavern is one of those WordPress blogs that have successfully lived through years of competition. It was founded in 2009, and it’s still the main point of reference for WordPress news. Visit WP Tavern to get the news about the latest WordPress versions, future plans for the WordPress community, WordCamps, plugin updates, and experts’ insights. You can also subscribe to the WP Tavern weekly podcast to listen to cool people who love WordPress.

17. Smashing Magazine – WordPress


Smashing Magazine needs no introduction. For many years, it has been the most appreciated blog by designers. Smashing Magazine has grown from a simple blog to a massive entity. The team behind Smashing Magazine organises conferences and workshops, sells books and digital products, and writes first-class articles.

WordPress articles are written by experts such as Daniel Pataki and Leonardo Losoviz. The truth is that there are only a handful of WordPress articles, but their quality convinced me to feature Smashing Magazine on this list.

18. WP Newsify

wp newsify

WP Newsify is younger, comparatively speaking, than the other WordPress blogs featured here, but it promises to bring something new to the table. Here you will enjoy a nice mix of articles presenting tips and tricks for WordPress users, detailed reviews, and many good deals.

Another plus of WP Newsify is the diverse topics—from WordPress security for advanced users to practical tips for basic on-page SEO, there’s something for everybody. Be sure to check out this blog irrespective of your skills to keep up-to-date with the WordPress community.

19. WP Shout

wp shout

WP Shout targets medium to advanced WordPress users. Server administration, back-end development, and security are some of the most common topics featured on WP Shout. The posts are well-written, and some of them have videos showing the author’s workflow. It’s very helpful for users with limited skills.

20. Winning WP

winning wp

Over the last several years, I have consulted many video blog posts on Winning WP. Sometimes, written content can’t be replaced, but there are many situations in which a video is more relevant. Showing how to fix the white screen of death, how to choose the best plugins, and how to set user roles are topics suitable for video presentations.

The Guides section on this blog is gold for beginners. It features a plethora of complete guides, such as ‘ vs’, ‘Recommended WordPress Plugins’, and ‘How to Monitor a WordPress Site’.

21.  Chris Lema

chris lema

Chris Lema is a talented speaker and a nice person. Clearly, he knows a thing or two about WordPress, and his insights could be useful for the average WordPress user. If you can’t participate in WordPress Meetups to listen to his keynote speeches, visit his blog. You will find short and concise blog posts jam-packed with useful information.

Perhaps he should add more content on a regular basis—his writing style is relaxed and engaging so you will digest the blog archives in no time.

22. Theme Isle

theme isle

Theme Isle is my first recommendation for anyone wanting to learn WordPress. It’s an established resource and home to a lot of valuable content. The majority of the posts are focused on “how-to” guides. Every issue is presented wholly and meticulously, and beginners will appreciate this approach.

23. WP 101

wp 101

WP 101 is a hub of WordPress tutorials and courses, and the blog is targeted at beginners. The posts cover many topics, but they are written primarily for those new to the CMS. Check out WP 101 to learn how to configure complex plugins or how to choose the best theme for your site. While the quality of the posts is undeniable, the quantity is lacking. Let’s hope that the WP 101 content production team will be more productive in the future.

24. Layout


Layout is a WordPress-focused publication that impresses with its top-notch quality posts. Genuine experts share their experiences and insights, so read each article attentively. By checking out Layout, you will get your daily dose of inspiration and information to become a better WordPress user.

25. Kinsta Blog


Initially, I was sceptical about adding blogs belonging to theme and plugin sellers or hosting companies. However, my primary purpose is to give you a comprehensive list of good sources of information. Kinsta is a top hosting company, and the blog respects the same standards. Subscribe to the newsletter or bookmark this blog because top content creators contribute to it. Plenty of useful information is a click away.

26. WordPress TV

wordpress tv

WordPress TV is an excellent resource for users and developers interested in finding out what’s hot in the industry. Plenty of videos from WordCamps and related events are featured. If you missed your favourite events, chances are that you will find recordings of them on WordPress TV. You won’t get too many practical pieces of advice from this site, but the keynote speeches of Matt Mullenweg and other WordPress gurus deserve your attention.

27. WP Arena

wp arena

WP Arena is a blog specialised in WordPress product reviews and showcases. Of course, complex articles and guides are also published to help readers. The Comparisons section is captivating, featuring various shoulder-to-shoulder reviews of various products like WooCommerce vs Cart66 or WordPress vs Magento.

28. Woorkup


Woorkup is a blog focused on the needs of designers, bloggers, and WordPress users. It’s not strictly related to WordPress, but all the articles are interesting and can bring value to the readers. Currently, two brothers run the blog: Brian and Brett Jackson. Brian is the Director of Inbound Marketing at Kinsta, so his expert insights might be useful for you.

Which Popular WordPress Blogs Will You Read?

We’ve reached the end of our collection of the most thought-provoking and popular WordPress blogs. We tried to find the most valuable blogs and we hope they’ll serve you well. Which do you read the most often? Did we miss your favorite? Be sure to share your thoughts!

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