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8 Internet Marketing Myths That Keep You From Growing

Currently, we all live in an era with fierce competition among businesses. As time goes by, the business world is only going to get more competitive. One of the major reasons behind such competition is the rise of internet marketing, which is extensively implemented by businesses today.

Even though there are tried and tested internet marketing strategies, business owners still fall into the trap of believing in myths. Such myths will not turn you into stone but they can negatively impact your business by halting it’s growth. Through the medium of this article, I am going to highlight a few of the myths around internet marketing which should not be believed.

1. Achieving a Higher Ranking is All That Matters

There is a common notion that getting a top ranking in the search engine result pages is enough and that it would automatically increase the sale of your products and services.

However, this is nothing more than a myth. Yes being featured in the search results matters but there is still work that needs to be done from your end so that a visitor becomes a customer by investing in your products and services. You need to devise some marketing strategies in order to create an awareness of what your website has to offer. This will persuade your visitors to take action which will reap profits for your business.

2. Uploading New Content is Not Necessary

There are a lot of website owners out there which feel that content doesn’t play a role in benefiting their website, or they just don’t have the time for it but then end up accumulating time spent on less important aspects anyway, such as constantly tweaking their sites design and functionality.

There is no point in executing digital marketing efforts if your website doesn’t get updated regularly with fresh and engaging content. Compelling content will definitely drive traffic, which results in lead conversions. A website which consistently posts fresh content will ultimately result in building its own brand credibility.

3. Paying For a Campaign on AdWords Will Benefit Your Website

AdWords is a Google product that enables brands to place advertisements on search engine result pages, which get shown based on specific keywords used to search for them.

There is a common myth that being a Google product, paying for an AdWords campaign will make a website escalate in the search results.

Yet, there is no relation between an Adwords campaign and organic search results. A search engine will not make a website rank higher just because it has paid for advertisements on AdWords.

4. Keeping Up With Digital Marketing Trends is Cumbersome

Some digital marketers are still under the impression that tracking results from their campaigns is not an easy task. However cutting-edge tools such Google Analytics will cater you everything you need to know.

As there is a constant evolution in the internet marketing world, numerous techniques and tools get introduced each year. These tools provide business owners with a variety of information regarding their strategies, which enable them to take calculated decisions going forward.

5. SEO of a Website is Necessary But Only At the Beginning

A lot of businesses set a small budget for implementing the SEO of a website. They feel that SEO is a one-time process and doesn’t require investment later on.

It is a common myth that the SEO of a website demands attention at the beginning only. However, this is not the case as SEO is a constant process and for a website to consistently achieve higher rankings you will have to work on it.

Also, Google algorithms change from time to time which makes it even more important to optimise a website regularly. Not investing in SEO, will likely make your website lose any gained rankings in the search results over time.

6. Using a Keyword Multiple Times Will Make A Website Rank Higher

This is a common mistake which is committed by many digital marketers. In order to make a website rank higher in the SERPs, they use a keyword more than it is intended to be. Such practice is known as keyword stuffing and may in fact do more harm than good.

Forcing the usage of a keyword would have a negative impact on user experience and therefore a negative impact on search engine rankings.

Therefore, instead of stuffing keywords you should just write content that comes naturally, make it high quality and provide as much valuable as possible for your readers.

7. Only Internet Marketing Strategies Will Work

Yes, Internet marketing is pivotal when compared with other strategies but it’s not the only thing, which demands importance.

Internet marketing has its own importance but businesses shouldn’t solely depend on a single strategy. You need to invest in offline marketing strategies as well so that you can reach a wider audience.

When both the traditional and the new age internet marketing strategies are combined there is a very high possibility that positive results will follow.

8. Negative Comments & Feedback Will Undermine Your Brand Value

There isn’t a single brand that exists, which has only ever received positive comments from their customers.

Nobody wants bad feedback but it does provide an opportunity to improve the quality of products and services.

Addressing the issues and concerns of your customers will make your business grow in the long run.

In The End

All of the above myths are pretty common around Internet marketing. By avoiding these traps you wont hamper the growth of your business.

Are there any other myths, which I may have missed and should have been mentioned in this article? If so, then do let me know about those along with your views in the comments section below.

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100 Tips for Maintaining Your WordPress Site

Defend your site from hackers, improve speed, and learn tactics used by WordPress experts

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