how to have the best wordpress backup strategy

How To Have The Best WordPress Backup Strategy (Infographic)

No matter the size of your website or how many visitors you get, your website was put online for a reason and so it has value, not only does it have value to you, but it also provides value to your visitors.

Making sure you have at least 1 backup that you can access at all times is the very least you should be doing when acquiring a WordPress backup strategy. Beyond that there’s backing up to multiple locations, testing your backups, backing up each time an update on your site is made, and taking a full manual backup, all of which create the best WordPress backup strategy to ensure that you can restore your website at a moments notice.

Many people assume that their host is responsible for their website and whilst there is some truth to this a lot of hosts will put the onus on you for a successful backup strategy. Most decent web hosts will actually have some sort of backup solution in place, but they could be on the same server as your site, which means that if something was to happen to your site then your backups would also likely be affected.

You also need to think about how long it will take to get a backup from your web host, especially if their entire network is down and you are in a long queue of support requests. These are all things to ask about when obtaining web hosting and don’t forget to read their small print.

In the following infographic we empower you to take control of your website’s backup strategy by recommending the best ways to backup and store your files, alongside plugins that can help you do it. We also provide you with a step by step tutorial to easily take a manual backup of your WordPress website to ensure that you have a reliable backup should the worst happen.

While putting a WordPress backup strategy into place can take a little time, your future self will thank you as you will have avoided lost time, money and headaches should a disaster strike.

how to have the best wordpress backup strategy infographic

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