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Non-Coders’ Guide: How to use an API in WordPress

WordPress dominates the market for content management systems by a massive margin. The team of developers behind the WordPress core don’t rest on their laurels but continuously try to improve it. In spite of WordPress’s success, there is room for improvement. For instance, making WordPress a fully-fledged framework is still a dream, but it will …Continue reading

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4 Tips to Launch a Successful WooCommerce Store For Under £500

Once upon a time, the majority of business owners invested significantly in their website. They hired the top website programmers, purchased expensive themes, and most importantly loaded up on their inventory. However, the tides have now changed, and everywhere you go, you are bound to see entrepreneurs operating on tighter budgets. And why shouldn’t they? …Continue reading

Why Git Is Really Important For Your WordPress Site

Why Git Is Really Important For Your WordPress Site (Infographic)

When I first started out in the world of WordPress I was hired by a digital marketing agency. Their team consisted of a handful of developers that focused on building websites. On my very first day I was introduced to Git and since then I haven’t looked back. I must admit that at first Git …Continue reading

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How to Use WordPress to Make a Website

Do you believe in miraculous solutions that let you accomplish things faster than anyone? Do you believe that there is a shortcut for everything? I am very sorry, but this article is NOT for you! You probably landed on this page because you looked for a guide to teach you how to use WordPress to …Continue reading

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How to Become a Professional WordPress Developer (Infographic)

Did you know that WordPress powers over 27% of the web? WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System today, which is why it would be a good choice to become a WordPress developer and provide WordPress services to your clients. WordPress is a joy to work with and it’s super easy for …Continue reading

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How to Become a Professional WordPress Developer

Being good at something takes a lot of time and perseverance, especially if that something is WordPress. With WordPress powering over 27% of websites, there can be no doubt that it offers lucrative opportunities for anyone who can explore and manipulate its nitty-gritty proficiently. If you want to be a professional WordPress developer, then get …Continue reading

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So You Have a WordPress Website. Now What?

Creating a website using WordPress is only the first step. Once you have your site, it is time to proceed with taking it online. Did you create a website to blog, to sell something, or for professional use? The purpose of the site you created will dictate your future actions on WordPress. Regardless of your …Continue reading

how to use wordpress to make a website

How To Make Your Very Own WordPress Website (Infographic)

At Newt Labs we’re happy to help people get a website up and running for their new idea or business. We often get asked for advice to help people set up a website themselves. We love empowering people to create their own websites and we love WordPress as it empowers you to update your website …Continue reading

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Easy Tips For Configuring Your WordPress Theme

Since the inclusion of the Customiser in WordPress, customisation (for the non-coding blog and site owner, that is) has taken a whole new turn. Fine tuning a fully fledged WordPress theme in terms of colours, fonts, logo placement, widgets, templates, and more can be accomplished with just a few clicks. What’s more – There are …Continue reading

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How To Setup Your First WordPress Website Like A Boss

We all begin with an idea. An idea which is good enough to tell the rest of the world. If it’s about writing, you need a website. If it’s about photography, you need a website. Be it anything, you need a website to reach out to the world, because gone are those days when having …Continue reading