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wordpress web design trends

10 Web Design Trend Predictions for 2017 (Infographic)

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good opportunity to look at the current state of the web design industry and where it might be heading. By looking at some of the successful web design trends, that have become more of a staple over the past few years, we can predict the next …Continue reading

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10 WordPress Security Tips to Defend Your Site from Hackers

Security is always one of the most important parts of a website that is more often than not being neglected, until such time that these websites become victims of hacking. Before that happens, here are 10 WordPress security tips that you can act on today, to ensure that your website will not be an easy …Continue reading


9 Signs Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

We often receive requests for help with cleaning up hacked websites due to a discovered browser alert, a missing website, or a website that has been replaced with a message from the hackers shouting about their latest victory. This can be devastating and by this point such websites have been hacked long enough to have …Continue reading

28 facts about wordpress

28 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress (Infographic)

WordPress is the number one content management system on the market. It has become so popular over the years, that many of the world’s most recognisable websites like The New York Times, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal use it for web publishing today. While the popularity of WordPress has remained relatively constant during recent …Continue reading

wordpress maintenance tips

10 WordPress Maintenance Tips For A Smooth Running Site (Infographic)

WordPress out of the box is great, it can load a webpage in less than half a second! However if you don’t take care of your website, it can become slow, cause random errors and be exploited by hackers looking to take advantage of your audience and resources. Like running a business, WordPress websites need …Continue reading


How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Constantly creating fresh content that will be accepted by your audience can be a challenge. This is why most business owners look for someone to do the hard work. But one thing is for sure; content marketing is a necessary strategy for those who wish to raise their brand awareness. So how do you create …Continue reading

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Getting Started With Website Performance Testing

Websites are getting bigger and as they spiral out of control the average web page is now around the same size as the classic computer game Doom, and there are much bigger web pages out there that are not hard to find. Large web pages can affect user experience, which in turn negates our SEO …Continue reading

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10 WordPress SEO Launch Tips To Help Get Your Website Seen!

Most people consider maintaining their WordPress website an intimidating task. However, if WordPress was as difficult as most people think, it wouldn’t have millions of users. WordPress is a gold mine for SEO. However, getting into the SEO groove won’t happen overnight. You will need to establish your website on a good foundation. You can …Continue reading

how to speed up wordpress

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website (Infographic)

Did you know that a blank WordPress website’s average loading time (without any plugins installed) is only around 400 milliseconds (depending on hosting and configuration), where as one with up to 20 plugins can increase this time by 3.00+ seconds, which is more than enough time to result in 40% of website visitors abandoning the …Continue reading

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

A WordPress theme plays an important role in branding, user experience and search engine rankings. Choosing the best WordPress theme that perfectly suits the look and feel of your intended website is crucial to it’s overall success. All themes are not created equal, choosing a poorly designed theme could affect your website in a very …Continue reading