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How to Control WordPress User Roles, Permissions and Capabilities

WordPress user roles are a rarely used feature. User roles aren’t relevant for small websites, but they are pivotal for bigger ones. WordPress has a built-in hierarchical system of user roles; once you create a user, you need to assign them a role. User roles are suitable for blogs, magazine news, and e-commerce websites that …Continue reading

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10 Top WordPress Marketing Plugins To Make Life Easier

As a website owner, you have to take care of a huge number of things when trying to do your best to promote your website and get as many visitors (or potential customers) as possible. However, if you are building your website using WordPress, you can make use of a plethora of WordPress marketing plugins …Continue reading

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9 Free and Powerful WordPress Page Builders

On 27th May, we celebrated 14 years since WordPress was released. Nowadays, no one can imagine the Internet without WordPress. Ease of use was the primary factor that led to its success. Of course, there are many other factors such as simplicity, open-source format, stability, and effectiveness that have contributed to WordPress’ expansion. However, users …Continue reading

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6 Efficient WordPress Squeeze Page Builders

Every online entrepreneur has heard the saying, “the money is in the lists” at least once. In Internet marketing terms, its meaning is simple—email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI). This is no exaggeration; email marketing indeed has the highest ROI. It makes sense then why so many marketers allocate considerable resources to …Continue reading


UNLOQ WordPress Plugin as a Clef Alternative

As the world’s biggest publishing platform, WordPress has its fair share of cyber-attacks. Being open source, this means that all websites hosted on the platform use the same code to function, making it a real tourist attraction for hackers around the world. If you were them, you’d also go for a single target that controls …Continue reading

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Get A Professional Under Construction Page In Just A Few Clicks

As a placeholder for a domain name, an under construction page is a simple landing sheet that holds the most important information about your site. Unless you’re completely new to the Internet, you must have seen one before. Web developers like to create under construction pages for their new projects because it gives a professional …Continue reading

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15 Top WordPress Plugins To Consider For Your Website

There are over 44,000 WordPress plugins in the WordPress Plugin directory. The number of WordPress plugins has almost doubled in the past 3 years, so working out which ones to install is becoming increasingly difficult. I’ve put together a list of 15 WordPress plugins that I generally install on every new WordPress website. 1. Yoast …Continue reading

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